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LOTUS is known as the premier nutrients line (and easiest to use) whose 3-part full spectrum recipe surpasses most other 7-9 part systems.

Trigger the onset of flowering with Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Grow. It is built to bring the pH of the water to 6.0 and offer your plants every essential component required for strong plant development. 

This naturally formulated nutrient solution consists of a full spectrum of micro and macro elements and more than 15 ingredients. Every micronutrient is chelated for instant availability and complete solubility to your plants.

Fulvic acid added in Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Grow offers excellent nutrient uptake and chelation. Besides this, you will not need a pH UP/DOWN solution to maintain the right range.


  • SKU/Model Number: GSI-LOTUS-GRW-256   

  • Brand: Lotus Nutrients   

  • Size: 256 oz

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Will never need to buy grow nutrients again.

I did not realize that these were dry nutrients. When you mix in the water you get about Tripple the volume. Awesome value and I will never need to buy and grow nutrients again!

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