Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Grow - 32oz

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Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Grow is specially formulated to increase the onset of flowering by bringing the water pH to 6.0. It helps in producing dense canopy development, a strong root system, tight inter-nodal spacing, and thick stems.

It packs a full spectrum of micro and macro elements and more than 15 separate micronutrients that offer your plants every essential component required for strong plant development.

Every micronutrient is 100/5 chelated for complete solubility. Fluvic acid is added into the mixture to offer excellent nutrient uptake and chelation. This natural formulated powder does not form any acid and will not need pH Up or pH Down to get the accurate range.

  • Purified and Perfected.

  • Formulated by Growers


  • SKU/Model Number: GSI-LOTUS-GRW-32

  • Brand: Lotus Nutrients

  • Product Weight: 2 Pounds

  • Product Dimensions: 12” * 5” * 5”

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Grow big or Grow home

Added this grow to my nutrient schedule and have been happy with the results. My limbs are strong and the leaves are viabrant. My plants seem to really dig the lotus stack.

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