Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit

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Lotus is known as the premier nutrient line (and easiest to use), whose 3 part powder system surpasses other 7-9 part liquid systems.

Simplify your indoor grow experience using Lotus Nutrients Sample Starter Kit. It includes three products – Pro Series Boost, Grow, and Bloom Nutrients. The kit comes with everything you require to grow successfully and boost yield. It is built to provide explosive plant growth throughout the grow cycle.

What Does the Package Include?

This started kit comes with:

  1. a) Lotus Pro Series Boost 18oz (#365104)

It’s a turbo-charged secret weapon that helps you increase the density and size of flowers. This maximizes the production of oil for boosted taste and potency.

  1. b) Lotus Pro Series Grow 16oz (#365100)

This grow solution is specially built to provide your plants what they require to produce fast and lush vegetative growth.

  1. c) Lotus Pro Series Bloom 16oz (#365102)

It triggers the speed onset of flowering by offering your plants the essential things required for producing huge and dense yields.


  • SKU Model: GSI-L-3PK-1

  • Brand: Lotus Premium Plant Nutrients

Customer Reviews

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Jesse jr
Lotus Nutrients

They are Awsome 👍👍 two thumbs up , only reason is that all I have is two lol 👍👍 but seriously I’ve used them all and they just work and the plants love them just as i . Thank you Grow Ace 👍👍 pic is week 6 from a seed

Lotus nutrients

This is a very simple nutrient regiment. It just can't get any easier

Ronald MCGD Don!
Good Bang for your Buck $$

I just switched from the GF floraserries. If you play your cards right, you will get about 2-3 complete grow cycles from this set. Since these are dry nutrients, you get about twice the volume of product when you mix in the water vs what you would get in the same size of bottle with liquid nutrients. This is good stuff and has everything your plants will need / want.

AW Sauce 3.0
Beginner Set

This is great for beginners. I'm on my first grow and the feeding/schedule is easy to understand. So far my plants look great! will update the review once finished with grow cycle.

Best newb set on the market.

I have been using the GH flora series for my first grow. I just moved on to my second grow and decided to try this starter set. This kit is amazing and comes with everything you would need. My plants are happy and vibrant. Looking forward to harvest.

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