LTC 228W Double Black Diamond V2 LED Grow Light

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With the LTC double black diamond grow light, you can grow organic, fresh herbs inside your kitchen or any indoor place. The LED light grow light is self-sufficient, self-cooling, and high powered, which does not have any cooling fans. It gives coverage to 6 X 4ft area. The grow light comes with ratchet and aircraft quality cables, which allow direct plug and play.

  • Noiseless Operation: The fixture does not have cooling fans, which allows its noiseless functioning.

  • LED Lifetime: The LED's life is rated at 70-100K, which ensures its reliability and saves you from unexpected replacement expenditures.

  • White Full Spectrum LEDs: The grow light is embedded with full-spectrum Philips Lumileds ranging between 380 nm and 770 nm, thus promoting optimal plant growth.

  • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty: You get a generous 5-year warranty with the product, so in case of any issue, you can get in touch with the manufacturer.

The LTC double black diamond is a 147 watt LED grow light that consists of 96 Philips Lumileds ranging between 380nm and 770nm. The Philips LEDs emit a full spectrum, which allows overall nourishment and growth of the plantations.

With the LTC grow light, you can grow organic, fresh vegetables and herbs in all the accessible locations and inside your kitchen. The grow light emits full-spectrum light, which is essential for the overall growth, replenishment, and development of the plantations.

Our LTC grow light has a self-cooling mechanism that does not require any noisy fans to cool down the system's heat. As the fans do not create any sound, therefore, the environment is not disturbed. As there are no fans, there is no noise and absolutely zero risks of fire.

You will save massively with the grow light fixture. The horticulture solution comes with aircraft steel quality cables and a ratchet hanging system, allowing direct plug and play. So, you do not need a professional to help you set up the horticulture lighting fixture.

The LED's lifetime is promised between 70,000 and 100,000 hours; therefore, you are ensured complete reliability. With a long product life, you do not have to worry about the LED replacement's untimely expenses.

You get a generous 5-year warranty with the product, so if you face any issue, you can always get in touch with the manufacturer. The growlight provides coverage to 6 X 4ft area, which is quite good. It gives out 21300 lm of total lumens and an efficacy of 93 lm/w.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-LTDBD002

  • Double Black Diamond v2

  • LTC-LED Ag Light

System Performance

  • LEDs 96

  • Foot Print 6 X 4 ft

  • Total Lumens 21300 lm

  • Color Temp / CRI 5500/73 K/CRI

  • LED Life Time 70-100K hrs.

  • THD @ 120V 5 %

System Electrical

  • Power input 228 W

  • Voltage 110-240 V

  • Input Current @120V 1.89 A

  • Efficacy 93 lm / W


  • Width 17.5 in

  • Length 37.03 in

  • Height 5.13 in

  • Weight 21 lbs

  • Over molded

  • (UL) Power Cord 6 ft

  • Warranty ( Manufacturer ) 5 years

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