LTC Cool Diamond LED Grow Light


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The cool diamond LED grow light consists of 64 LEDs which provides coverage to a 4 X 4ft. Area. The grow light gives approximately 14821 for a healthier plant yield. The lifetime of the LED has been ensured between 70-100K hours, which makes it quite a reliable investment.

It delivers an efficacy of 101lm/w and its THD is 6% at 120V.

  • Warranty Covered: The horticulture system comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, which gives you assurance of your investment.

  • UL Certified Power Cord: The horticulture fixture comes with a 6 ft. UL certified power cord which meets the basic safety standards.

  • Reliable LED: The LED promises 70K-100K hours lifetime, saving you from unexpected expenditure on LED replacement.

  • Wide Coverage: The fixture is 17.5 in wide and 17.3 in in length which provides coverage to a 4 X 4 area.

The fixture is 17.5 in wide, 17.3 inches in length. 5.13 inches in height and weighs 14 lbs. The grow light provides coverage to a 4 X 4 area. The grow light is embedded with 64 high quality LEDs which penetrates the canopy deeply, thus ensuring a high quality yield.

The fixture has been reasonably priced and comes equipped with 64 LEDs embedded. The fixture delivers a total of 14821 lm. The LEDs have a 70-1000K hrs of LED life, which is reasonably good. With a good LED life, you do not have to worry about getting the LEDs replaced anytime sooner, therefore you save yourself from untimely expenditures.

The growlight comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can stay rest assured about the investment. The growlight delivers an efficacy of 101 lm/W. With the grow light you get a 6 ft. power cord which is UL certified. The UL certification is the assurance that the cord has been certified safe and meets the industry standards.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-LTCD001

  • Cool Diamond

  • LTC-LED Ag Light

System Performance

  • LEDs 64

  • Foot Print 4 X 4 ft

  • Total Lumens 14821 lm

  • Color Temp / CRI 5500 /74 K/CRI

  • LED Life Time 70-100K hrs.

  • THD @ 120V 6 %

System Electrical

  • Power input 147 W

  • Voltage 110-240 V

  • Input Current @120V 1.23 A

  • Efficacy 101 lm / W


  • Width 17.5 in

  • Length 17.3 in

  • Height 5.13 in

  • Weight 14 lbs

  • Over molded

  • (UL) Power Cord 6 ft

  • Warranty ( Manufacturer ) 5 years

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