LuxStar8 4' T5 Fluorescent Light (Grow Bulbs)

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The LuxStar 8 T5 fluorescent lights are highly efficient light sources that work wonderfully well in limited grow spaces due to their low profile design. The grow light comes pre-installed with a ballast which keeps a check on the power fluctuations keeping the fixture safe against sudden power surges. With the dimming feature, the light output can be adjusted by 50%, letting you create your light recipes.

  • Space-Saving Lights: The light has a low-profile design, ideal for growing areas with limited space.

  • Versatile Design: The grow light can be hung vertical, horizontal, and overhead, helping you save massively on the growing space.

  • Digital Ballast: In case of sudden power fluctuations, do not worry about the grow light getting damaged as the ballast takes care of it.

  • Dimming Feature: You can adjust the light output by 50% and create light recipes according to the requirement.

The grow light can be installed in low-lying spaces to provide sufficient lighting to the plant canopy. The space-saving lights have a low profile that gives out very little heat than the reflectors available in the market.

The fixture emits very little heat, which allows you to place the light closer to the plant canopy. When the light is placed closer, the plants receive a very high amount of light. With the digital ballast, you can control the heat and light output of the grow light. Sudden power surges and fluctuations won't damage the efficiency of the grow light.

The grow light uses dual power switches, which gives you the option to dim the lights by 50%. The light can be hung vertical, overhead, and horizontal so that you can hang the fixture according to the space allotted.

The fixture comes with dual power switches that help you adjust the fixture's output by 50%. With a dimming feature, you can adjust the light output by 50%. The unit uses 54 watts 6500K InterLux grow bulbs which supports the vegetative growth of plants. The dimensions of the fixture are 47’’L X 24’’W X 2.25’’H, which is quite compact. The compact size makes the fixture ideal for hanging at places with very little space.

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matthew elletson

had ordered this set up yesterday they expedited shipping which was a surprise and all works as advertised. i am very pleased with my experience and am now willing to refer others i know to this site..price is what they say, very competitive and after some research in the end the best price for product.Stellar job guys keep it up. huge turn around in quality and customer satisfaction.they even threw in a sample of spiderwipe i applaud the direction you are going and look forward to future en devours.i would of gave 5 stars but i only tested and made sure everything works (and it does). have not had a chance to use it yet but will post again after product has been in use with quality of product,. As of now color me impressed.

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