Mammoth Lighting 340W 6 Bar Fold Series LED Grow Light

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Are you searching for a full spectrum grow light that is customizable as well? The 340W Mammoth grow light has everything that you are looking for. It’s developed with high-quality Samsung diodes and years of experimentation and testing, which can deliver a high level of PAR output with balanced coverage in a lifespan of 50,000 working hours. Moreover, it has a dimming capacity making it suitable for all stages of vegetation. 

  • Full-spectrum grows light: The lights used in Mammoth lighting 340W are designed to deliver a continuous range of wavelength with blue and red light, which help replicate sunlight while consuming less energy and reducing operating cost. 
  • Warranty: This grow light comes with a 5 year warranty period and promises to deliver exceptional performance with better coverage for 50,000 hours. 
  • Built-in dimming knob: Mammoth Lighting 340W grow light is equipped with an inbuilt dimming knob, which helps adjust uniformity and intensity. It also has standard knob dimming and RJ port, which help connect multiple lights with an external controller. 
  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF): Mammoth lightning has a PPF of 1895 μmol/s along with a PPF efficacy of 2.9 μmol/J, which helps calculate accurate coverage area and determine harvest potential For various grow light fixtures. 

Introducing the Mammoth Lighting 340W grow light – a blend of adequate blue and red light, which helps replicate full-spectrum sunlight and provide a field-like experience indoors. Moreover, this 6 bar fold series LED grow light is developed with high-quality Samsung diodes., which helps deliver PAR output with the usage of 650 Watts of power and provides efficient coverage to flowering - 4.5' x 4.5' and vegetation - 6' x 6' with 50,000 hours of working and 5 years of warranty.

The Mammoth grow light is designed with an inbuilt dimming knob. It helps adjust uniformity and intensity. While it has standard knob dimming and RJ port, which help connect multiple lights with external controllers easily. It also has a dimming power supply, which helps dim exposure of light from 100 to 600 and helps support all stages of vegetation. It easily detects the required exposure with HD sensors and adjusts its light according to progress. 

The 6 Bar fold series of grow light has an accurate blend of 76% red and 24% white light and accurate dimensions - 47" x 43" x 2, which emits 340W full spectrum light that nearly matches sunlight and creates a field-like experience indoors. It's not only beneficial for commercial but home growth processes as well. Moreover, balanced exposure of heat and light also helps create a suitable atmosphere for the greenhouse effect which helps germinate seeds quickly under artificial sunlight and increase the home growth process of vegetation and flowering. 


  • Model No./SKU: LED-ML-MF06

  • Wattage: 650 Watts

  • Voltage: AC100-277V 50-60Hz

  • Amperage/ Voltage: 5.42A @ 120V/ 2.71A @ 240V

  • LEDs: SAMSUNG LM301B (3000k + 5000K) and Proprietary RED (660nm and 730nm) 

  • Spectrum: 33000K + 5000K + 660 nm+ 730nm

  • PPF: 1895 μmol/s

  • Efficacy: 2.9 μmol/J

  • Coverage: Flower: 4.5' x 4.5', Veg: 6' x 6'’

  • CRI: >90

  • Power Factor: >95%’

  • Power: 6 bar 640W,

  • THD: <6% 

  • LED lifespan: >50000 Hours

  • Dimensions: 47" x 43" x 2"

  • Weight: 30 lbs

  • Dimming: Knob +rj14 port

  • Plug: 10'

  • Daisy Chain: Yes

  • Beam Angle: 120 degrees

  • Certifications: ETL, CE, RoHS

  • Plug type: 120V and 240V plug included

  • IP Rating: IP54

  • Warranty: 5 years

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