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The Mars Hydro 100W TS 600 is a superb LED grow light with a low front cost. It is perfect for beginners who are interested in growing indoor plants. The TS600 LED grow light offers 30% more return, unlike HPS/MH lights. In addition, it is equipped with an aluminum heat sink and noise-free fanless design, making grow life simpler and quiet.

  • Reduced Energy Usage: This LED Grow Light consumes 100w and consists of 225pcs chips. It enables the grow light to effectively replace 150w HPS light while saving up to 30% electric power.
  • Highly-Efficient: The light produces a PPE of 2 umol per Joule and light output of 190 umol per Seconds. Thus, it offers 30% more return than MH/HPS grow lights.
  • Full Spectrum Spectra: TS600 has plant-preferred spectra made by special light ranges that emit light in the 400 to 700 nm waveband. Suitable IR (730-740nm) is added in the range to help the grow light build large-size buds.
  • Reflective Hood Design: The reflector on the grow light consists of a patent reflective hood design. It can collect light dispersed in every direction to ensure effective light absorption.

The Mars Hydro 100W TS 600 LED grow light is perfect for growers working with grow tents, small rooms, cabinets, closets, or plant shelves. It is built using advanced SMD LED technology. TS600 reduced energy usage of LED grow light offers high efficiency with overall light output PPF 190umol/s and good PPE 2.0 umol/j. 

It is 50% more photon effective and can promise 30% more returns than the old HPS/MH lights. The reflector of TS 600 grow light has a patent aluminum hood design. This scientifically engineered design balances PAR output and coverage area. 

The hood also effectively gathers the light and disperses it in all directions to improve the light intensity. This helps plants acquire more light absorption so that you enjoy an incredible harvest. Furthermore, Mars Hydro 100W TS 600 comes with a fanless design. So, the light produces no noise at all while it's running. 

With a highly reflective aluminum heat sink, you do not need to be concerned about heat dissipation. It works by lowering light lost to the walls and aisles. This allows your indoor plants to gain more energy without burning them.

The full sun-like spectrum is close to the natural sunlight and suitable for plants at every growing stage. This makes indoor grow much simpler. IR is added to the spectrum. It promotes blooming and fruiting to enhance the yield. TS 600 LED light comes with trustworthy security certifications such as CE, ETL, RoHS, UKCA, and a 5-year service warranty. Moreover, TS600 LED Grow Light has a 50,000 hours long lifespan.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-MH-TS600

  • PPF: 190umol per Seconds

  • Chip Brand: Epistar

  • Driver/Voltage: AC 110 - 130 Volt,220 - 240 Volt

  • BTU: 341

  • Max Coverage: 2-inch x 2-inch

  • Veg Coverage: 2X2 ft

  • Flower Coverage: 1.5X1.5 ft

  • Spectrum: 660-665nm 730-740nm 3000-3200K 6000-6500K

  • Wattage: 100W±5%@AC120V, 99W±5%@AC240V

  • Max Yield: 1.8g/W

  • Core Coverage: 1.5'x1.5'

  • Certificate: RoHS, UKCA, ETL and CE 

  • PPE: 2.0μmol per j

  • Dimensions: 356 * 310 * 36 mm

  • Lifespan: 50000 Hour

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • Weight (KG): 0.9

  • Ampere: 1.38A@AC120V 0.80A@AC240V

  • LEDS Quantity: 225 pcs @ 120V; 240 pcs @ 240 V

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Jay Bryan
I door sun power

Awesome light. Better than the sun, more dependable

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