Mars Hydro 150W TS 1000 LED Grow Light

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Are you looking for an efficient grow light for your small indoor plant room? Look no more; the Mars Hydro 150W 1000 LED grow light is a perfect companion to produce a full spectrum of light for 2-4 plants at once. It is ideal for a small in-house plantation room. It is an affordable and durable option for you. 

  • High Efficiency LED: The Mars Hydro grow light is equipped with high-efficiency LED lights. The SMD LED technology is popular for providing the highest PAR/LUMEN output. 
  • Energy Efficient: It lights up 342 LEDs using only 150 W power. Thus it reduces the power consumption by almost 50%, which makes a significant difference in the overall energy bill. 
  • Dimming System: Plants require extra heat and light intensity at different growing stages. Hence you can use the dimming feature on this grow light to control the intensity of light. 
  • Daisy Chain Feature: The daisy chain feature helps control the light intensity and provides only the required light to plants for their healthy growth. It has up to 15 LEDs connected. So, you can turn on only the required LEDs. 

The Mars Hydro 150W grow light is a perfect fit for your indoor mini garden. It lights 342 LEDs with 150W power and reflects a full spectrum of light to create a natural sunlight-like effect for the plants to grow well. It is equipped with high-efficiency SMD LED lights that are popular for producing the highest PAR/LUMEN output in the market. Additionally, this product is cost-effective and affordable for indoor plantations as it increases the yield capacity by around 20%. 

It is fit for a small indoor tent or grow-room where you keep 2-4 plants for their healthy growth. It produces an overall output of PPF 343 umol/S and a PPE of 2.3 umol/j. Moreover, it is 50% more photon efficient. In addition, it saves energy by reducing the loss of light into the walls and aisles because it is equipped with a patented reflector hood. 

The reflector also attracts the lights from all directions and helps the plants to absorb more light. It has many features that make it worth buying for your indoor plantation room. One of these is the dimming feature which you can use to control the intensity of light. You can dim lights by 0-100% by using the dimming knob. 

This grow-light also supports a daisy chain system where up to 15 LEDs are connected in series. You can turn on as many lights as you need to maintain a healthy environment for your plants. It is durable and safe to use with a 5 -year manufacturer warranty and certified 50,000-hour longevity. 


  • Model no./SKU: LED-MH-TS1000
  • WATTAGE: 150W±5 AC120V, 148W±5 AC240V
  • CORE COVERAGE: 2'x2'
  • MAX COVERAGE: 2.5'x2.5'
  • PPE: 2.3 μmol/j
  • PPF: 343 umol/S
  • CHIP BRAND: BridgeLux
  • SPECTRUM: 660-665 nm 730-740 nm 3000-3200K 6000-6500K
  • MAX YIELD: 2.0g/W
  • VOLTAGE: AC100-277V
  • AMPS: 1.235A AC120V 0.6223A AC240V 0.5498A AC277V
  • BTU: 511.5
  • LIFESPAN: 50000H
  • WARRANTY: 5 years
  • DIMENSION: 382x336.63x54.5mm
  • WEIGHT(KG): 1.76

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