Mars Hydro 300W TSL 2000 LED Grow Light

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Grow lights play a significant part in your indoor grow tents. Plants need heat, light, and a set temperature to grow indoors. The best grow light for covering a large area at once is Mars Hydro 300W TSL 2000 LED grow light. It uses SMD Epistar LEDs that glow brightly. Also, it is a durable grow light with a 50,000 hours longevity. 

  • Large Coverage: The Mars Hydro 300W grow light covers a large area. It can cover 2'x4' for flower and 3'x5' for the vegetative growth stage. 
  • Durable: This gro light is your go=-to solution as it is extremely durable. It has a certified longevity of 50000 hours. 
  • SMD Epistar LED: The grow lights use SMD Epistar LEDs. They glow bright and are also energy efficient. 
  • Full Spectrum: You can rest assured as your plants will receive a full spectrum light creating a natural sunlight-like situation in your grow tent. It helps in improving yields by offering a healthy growing environment to your plants. 

The Mars Hydro Grow Lights are built with high-quality material. The LEDs used in these grow lights are from SDM EPISTAR that glows super bright. It is easy-to-use as you can easily mount it using the mounting part provided in the pack. The grow light produces 717 umol/s that helps in increasing the yields by 30%. Additionally, it is a cost-effective option for you; apart from improving the crop quality, it also helps in saving energy. 

It uses high-quality commercial LEDs that can be controlled using the dimmer option. You can modify the light intensity using the dimmer knob attached to the removable driver. Moreover, when the complete panel is lit, it provides a full spectrum that easily mimics natural sunlight. As a result, your plants will grow in a healthy environment with adequate heat and light. 

For better efficiency and control, the LEDs are fit using a daisy chain system. Up to 20 LEDs are connected in a series, making it easier for you to control the light intensity per your plants' growth stage. Additionally, it has 50,000 hours of longevity, meaning it is durable and can run for years; thus, being cost-effective. 

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the product going bad as it comes with a 3-year factory warranty. Additionally, the company has set up local service stations in many cities and states for regular service. What makes this product worth buying is the broad coverage that it provides. You can cover 2'x4' for plants that are in flowering stage and 3'x5' area for vegetative stages. 


  • Model No./SKU: LED-MH-TSL2000

  • POWER DRAW: 300W ±5%
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 140/240V
  • SPECTRUM: 660-665 nm, 3200K-4200K, 5200K-6800K
    • VEG COVERAGE: 3'x5'
    • PPE: 2.3 Umol/j (Average)
    • LIFESPAN: 50000 HOURS
    • PAR OUTPUT: 563 - 877 Umol/m²/s at 18"
    • WEIGHT: 8 LBS
    • DIMENSIONS: 39.25"L x 10" W x 3.5"H


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    Mars Hydro 300W TSL 2000 LED Grow Light

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