Mars Hydro 450W TS 3000 LED Grow Light

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A Grow light that can fulfill your commercial and residential cultivation requirements is LED MH TS 300. It is incredibly cost-effective as it helps save energy, has 50,000 hours of longevity, and increases yields and crop production. Additionally, it supports the daisy chain system; thus, it lets you control the light intensity. 

  • Energy Efficient: This grow-light has 1016 pcs chips with a 450 W power intake. As a result, it can replace a 600W HPS light, thus helping you save around 25% energy. 
  • Patented Reflective Hood: The reflector hood on the grow light has been patented. Thus, it attracts light spread in all directions. Additionally, it also helps the plants to absorb more light. 
  • Daisy Chain System: The grow lights support the daisy chain system meaning that up to 20 lights are connected in series. This gives you control over the light intensity. 
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 5-year, manufacturer warranty so you do not have to bother if any part goes bad. The company will replace and repair it for you. Additionally, you have access to local service stations in case of emergencies. 

The Mars Hydro 450W 3000 LED grow light is suitable for both commercial and residential cultivation. It has a wideband sunlight full-spectrum light that covers a large area. It provides an infinite close to the natural sunlight-like environment for the plants to grow. You can adjust the intensity of light by using the dimmer knob attached to the removable driver. 

The grow light is equipped with two waterproof mean well drivers that work with 120 VAC, 240 VAC. It also comes in a 277 VAC LED structure, a great option for commercial use and large steups. It is designed with high reflectors and a noise-free fanless light board, making it easier for you to grow plants. 

The aluminum used in grow-light reflectors reduces the loss of light to walls and aisles. This feature significantly increases intensity by 20%; thus, energy-efficient. Additionally, it is equipped with 1016 pc chips that create light using 450 W power, surpassing the light produced by a 600W HPS light. 

It is a perfect fit for your indoor planting as it is alterable as per the growing stage of your plants. The ideal height for hanging the light above your plants in the seedling stage is 36 inches; for the vegetative stage, it is 30 inches. The flowering stage will be at its efficient best when the light is hung between 20-24 inches from the plants. You can rest assured if the grow light needs any repair or replacement as it comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. 


  • Model no./ SKU: LED-MH-TS3000
  • WATTAGE: 450W±5%@AC120-277V
  • CORE COVERAGE: 4'x4'
  • MAX COVERAGE: 5'x5'
  • PPE: 2.7μmol/j
  • PPF: 1151umol@AC120V
  • CHIP BRAND: BridgeLux
  • SPECTRUM: 660-665 nm 730-740 nm 3000-3200K 6000-6500K
  • MAX YIELD: 2.4g/W
  • DRIVER: MeanWell
  • VOLTAGE: AC100-277V
  • AMPS: 3.868A@AC120V 1.929A@AC240V 1.692A@AC277V
  • BTU: 1534.5
  • LIFESPAN: 50000 H
  • WARRANTY: 5 years
  • DIMENSIONS: 641.5*579.2*68.63mm
  • WEIGHT(KG): 5.1

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