Mars Hydro 650W SP 6500 LED Grow Light

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The Mars Hydro SP 6500 LED grow light is your go-to solution for improving your indoor plantation. The Samsung 301b and Osram chips use an even light distribution system. They ensure deep penetration even to the lowest leaves. Their unique dimming daisy chain system ensures the highest yield quality and healthy plant growth at all stages.

  • Rich Red in Spectra: The full spectrum is equipped with a red light that accelerates plant growth from the flowering stage. 
  • Heat Management: The grow light is equipped with a thick finned aluminum heat sink. It ensures excellent thermal management. Additionally, it saves the cost of cooling too. 
  • Longevity: The Mars Hydro grow lights are extremely durable and have a long life. The LEDs are DLC certified for quality and promise 50,000 hours of service.
  • Superior Lighting Capability: It has 2376 Samsung LM 301b diodes and uses only 650 W power to generate high-intensity light. It has proved to save up to 35% power and increases the light capacity by 30% as against 1000 W HPS. 

Photons play a significant role in plant growth, resulting in high-quality yield. Plants get these photons from sunlight. But in indoor plantations, it is difficult to provide sufficient light and heat to plants. To solve this issue, Mars Hydro has developed an MH-SP6500 LED grow light. This grow light uses 650 W power to generate light equal to a 1000W HPS. In addition, it is energy efficient as it saves 35% power and reduces the energy bill.

The product comes equipped with an aluminum heat sink that helps in thermal management. Thus, you do not have to bring in a cooler to lower the temperature. Rather, the aluminum heat sink absorbs the heat and manages it per the plant growth stage.

To help create a healthy plant growth atmosphere, this grow-light is equipped with a dimming daisy chain system. Up to 20 Eds are connected in series, so you can turn on as many lights as required. Additionally, you get a dimmer knob in the product packing itself. You can dim from 10-100% light to manage the temperature. The dimming knob is attached to removable drivers.

The Samsung LEDs are DLC certified for their quality. Hence, you do not worry about quality issues. In addition, these grow lights promise 50000 hours of activity. The smart Samsung LM 301b and Osram chips use a balanced heat emission system. They ensure that even the lowest leaves get enough photons to accelerate the growth and improve the yield quality. Furthermore, the product comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Hence, if any defects occur in the grow-light, the company will rectify them.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-MH-SP6500

  • WATTAGE: 650W±5% @AC120V-277V

  • CORE COVERAGE: 3'x5'

  • MAX COVERAGE: 4'x5'

  • PPE: 2.8μmol/j

  • PPF: 1819umol/S@AC120V

  • CHIP BRAND: Samsung LM301B + OSRAM660


  • SPECTRUM: 650-665nm 2800-3000K 4800-5000K

  •  MAX YIELD: 2.5g/W


  • VOLTAGE: AC100-277V

  • AMPS: 5.404A@AC120V 2.662A@AC240V 2.311A@AC277V

  • BTU: 2216.5


  • LIFESPAN: 50000 H

  • WARRANTY: 5 years


  • DIMENSION: 1073*90*92mm

  • WEIGHT(KG): 7.867

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