Mars Hydro 680W FC-E 6500 LED Grow Light

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Are you looking for a light with an even distribution quality so that all your plants receive equal light? Look no more than the Mars Hydro MH FC 6500 680 W LED grow light. It is designed with a special combination of spectra to provide a full spectrum to plants. In addition, it has 3978 pcs of quality Bridgelux chips that make this grow-light energy efficient.

  • Uniform Lightening Solution: This Mars hydro grow-light is a uniform lightning solution. It has a flexible bar design to maximize light efficiency. Thus, it reaches every corner of the grow-tent to promote plant growth. 
  • Daisy Chain System: The daisy chain system allows you to switch on and turn off the lights as per your requirement. Interestingly, this grow-light has up to 15 LEDs connected in series. 
  • Dimming Feature: Apart from the daisy chain system, it also features a dimming capacity. You get to adjust and set the brightness of LEDs as per the [plant growth stages. 
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. You can rest assured, as any faults in the product's working will be repaired and replaced by the company itself without any additional charge to the owner. 

The Mars Hydro 6500 680W grow light features 3978 quality BridgeLux chips. These chips are arranged in a special arrangement to make the distribution more even in the tent. It offers an efficiency of up to 2.7 umol/j. Hence, it allows the light to reach every corner of the tent and helps plant growth.

Additionally, it produces 50% more light using only 680W power. Thus, it saves energy bills and also improves productivity—a cost-effective deal for sure. Moreover, this grow-light features a dimming and daisy chain system. It has up to 15 LEDs arranged in a series of patterns. So, you can turn on as many lights as you want to and shut the others.

To make this more convenient for you, you can also adjust the brightness of LEDs using the dimming knob attached to the removable driver. You will get the dimmer knob with the product. You can dim from 10-100% brightness of LEDs. This feature is most helpful when the plant growth stages shift from Vegetative to flowering, etc.

Furthermore, the Mars Hydro 6980 W grow-light has a movable light bar system so you can move the light bars to adjust the lighting for different plants. This helps in maximizing light utilization while also improving crop quality. It offers a full spectrum similar to natural light and creates only the required heat. The aluminum used in grow lights cool the atmosphere as efficiently as they heat it. Thus, it reduces the cooling cost by around 50%.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-MH-FC-E6500

  • Wattage: 680W±5%@100-277V, 650W±5%@100-277V(CANADA)
  • Core Coverage: 4'x4'
  • Max Coverage: 5'x5'
  • PPE: 2.7μmol/j
  • PPF: 680W: 1822umol/S@AC120V 730W: 1898umol/S@AC120V
  • Chip Brand: BridgeLux
  • LEDs Quantity: 3978
  • Spectrum: 660-665 nm 2800-3000K 4800-5000K
  • Max Yield: 2.5g/W
  • Driver: MOSO
  • Voltage: AC100-277V
  • AMPS: 680W: 5.647A@AC120V 2.784A@AC240V 2.383A@AC277V 730W: 6.052A@AC120V 3.003A@AC240V 2.627A@AC277V
  • BTU: 2489.3
  • Lifespan: 50000H
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Certificate: ETL, CE, UKCA, RoHS, IP65
  • Dimension: 1162*1151*79MM

  • Weight(KG): 10.72

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