Mars Hydro 800W FC-E 8000 Bridgelux CO2 Vertical Farm LED Grow Light

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The Mars Hydro 800W FC-E 8000 Bridgelux CO2 Vertical Farm LED Grow Light is an excellent inexpensive lighting alternative for commercial growth applications. With its ultra-bright light output, it can help to achieve 100% photosynthesis even in a C02  growing environment.

It is designed to be the standard commercially viable LED grow light for all indoor horticulture, including vertical farms and indoor homes that add extra CO2, and it provides a consistent PPFD of approximately 1500μmol/m²/s at a height of 10 inches.

The FC-E 8000 Bridgelux was developed expressly for those who are active in the cultivation and growth of plants inside, whether they are doing so as amateurs or as professionals.

  • Uniform Distribution of PAR:  The FC-E8000 has 3928 BridgeLux chips, a unique chip configuration that makes distribution more even, and an efficiency of 2.7 mol/j. This lets it take care of every plant properly and give the best results.
  • Enhance Red Light Across the Spectrum:  The FC-E8000 is a full spectrum LED grow light that features a particular spectrum combination that is advantageous to the whole plant life cycle. More red light is added to the mix, which contributes to the blooming stage of plant growth.
  • An Adjustable Light Bar Structure:  The light bar is adjustable, so you can use it to flexibly change the light density at different spots within the effective coverage area. This allows you to get the most out of the available light and produce a crop that is even. In addition, it is simple to set up, keep, and swap out as necessary.

  • A Daisy Chain Dimming Features:  In order to accommodate the various stages of plant development, the dimming knob has a range of adjustments that goes from 0 to 100 percent of full brightness. This makes dimming more easier and helps save money on power bills. Up to 30 lights can be controlled by the daisy chain with one master light.

  • Fast Heat Dissipation Technology:  Because of the large cooling area provided by the aluminum and the use of passive cooling, significantly less heat is generated, which contributes to improved thermal management.

High-Efficiency:The FC-E80000 draws just 650W of electricity and features over 4,000 high-quality BridgeLux chips for smooth, even coverage of a 5x5 ft (flower) or 6x6 ft (veg) grow zone, and it's more cost-effective than other lights of the same type. (Please check the manual for the actual coverage.)

Design detachable: Not only is the driver detachable, but the light bars can also be removed, making installation, storage, and replacement a breeze. You may also modify the light bar spacing to meet your individual growth requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of your light.

Waterproof IP65 and Aluminum Heatsink: The huge surface area of the FC-aluminum E6500's heatsink boosts passive cooling by 30%. The waterproofing to IP65 eliminates any concerns about utilizing this lamp in a humid area. (Please check the manual for the actual IP.)




  • Core Coverage


  • Max Coverage


  • PPE


  • PPF


  • Chip Brand




  • Spectrum


  • Max Yield



Mars Hydro

  • Voltage


  • Amps

6.619A@AC120V 3.261A@AC240V 2.842A@AC277V

  • BTU


  • Certificate


  • Lifespan

50000 H


5 years

  • Dimension


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kenny Rivera
Great light

Took a while but it made it and works great

Brandon Peeler
Best light I’ve bought this far

This thing is a powerhouse in a budget price range. Light readings on par with the upgraded diode model. Readings the same at all points. Buy this light!

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