Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 LED Grow Light


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Yields Up To 6 Plants

The Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 LED Grow Light is the perfect size for up to 6 plants.

Easy To Set Up

The plug and play design offers a one step installaton

Full Spectrum

Sun-like light spectrum for all stages of plant growth.

The Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 LED Grow Light is a compact full-cycle LED grow light with high efficacy that is perfect for use on racks or in growth tents. With 1350 WHITE LEDs and 24 Osram Red LEDs, it can efficiently generate the best V1 full-spectrum for higher yields. It provides consistent illumination throughout a maximum bloom coverage area of 3' x 3' and a vegetative coverage area of 4' x 4'. The MINI SUN-2 has a remarkable PPFD value of 2385mol/m2/s, a PPF amount of up to 896 mol/s, and a light intensity of 2.8 mol/J. It just needs 320 watts of electricity. It consumes very little energy.

Built-In Timer Knob

The Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 LED Grow Light has a built-in timer knob as well as an LCD display to help automate the small, easy, regular but necessary time control every day. It doesn't need a controller, so you can focus on other parts of your business's growth.

On Board Dimming Control

The Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 is also outfitted with an on-board dimming control and remote dimming access by standard RJ cable connection with an LED light controller, allowing you to quickly change light output to a large number of fixtures at the same level for consistent yields.

Integrated Design And Optimized Light Layout

The arduous mounting procedure is eliminated with the Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 due to the integrated driver design and improved light layout, making it a true plug-and-play device. Start growing it by hanging it on a rack or in a grow tent. Because of its outstanding heat dissipation design, no additional fans are necessary, and no noise is produced.


Model: MINI SUN-2
Spectrum; V1 Full Spectrum Veg to Bloom
PPFD (PAR Value): 2385μmol/m2/s @ 6‘’(15.2cm) in height
PPF(light output): 896 μmol/s
Wattage: 320 Watts
Efficacy: 2.8 μmol/J @277 AC
Coverage: 3x3 Feet @ Bloom; 4x4 Feet @ Veg.;
Fixture & Dimensions: 9.8" L x 15.86" Wx 2.6" H
AMP: 3.7A@120V; 1.9A@240V; 1.6A@277V
Max Operating Temperature: 104°F / 40°C
Mounting Height: ≥ 6" (15.2cm) Above Canopy
Thermal Management: Passive
Dimming: 0-10V
Weight: 13.23lbs / 6.0kg
Warranty >50,000 hours | 5-Year Warranty

The Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 LED Grow Light, like other Medic Grow LED Grow Light fixtures, is one of the most durable and energy efficient LED grow lights on the market, with a 3-year guarantee. The MINI SUN-2 is one of the most suited items if you're searching for a tiny, high-efficiency full-cycle LED grow light to use on a rack or in a tent.

Rack / Grow Tent led grow light for hobby growers;
Full Cycle V1 Spectrum for better yields;
Compact, best for 3’ × 3’ and 4’ × 4’ etc.;
320W Power, High PPFD of 2385μmol/m2/s @ 6 ’’ in height, efficacy is up to 2.8μmol/J, and PPF is up to 896μmol/s;
Built in Controller with timer and dimmer knob on board;
Easy to Read LCD Display;
Better Heat Dissipation Design with aluminum heatsink;
Daisy chainable with RJ cords for large scale growing;
Compatible with TSC-2 / GLC-1 and 0 10 V dimming controller

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