Medic Grow 550W Slim Power 2 LED Grow Light



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Yields Up To 4 Plants

The Medic Grow 550W Slim Power 2 LED Grow Light is the perfect size for up to 6 plants.

Easy To Set Up

The plug and play design offers a one step installaton

Full Spectrum

Sun-like light spectrum for all stages of plant growth.

The Medic Grow 550W Slim Power 2 LED Grow Light is one of the best greenhouse LED grow lights specifically designed to replace 1000-Watt HPS for supplementary or primary illumination in greenhouse applications for vegetable growth. The slim power 2 is designed and made to meet the exacting needs of professional greenhouse LED grow lights. This makes it not only the best LED grow light for greenhouses, but also a good choice for medium-sized or small-scale indoor or outdoor growing.

Enhanced Slim Power 2

The Medic Grow 550W Slim Power 2 comes with an LED grow light with a broad spectral range and enhanced red light for maximum yields. Slim Power 2 produces consistent illumination over a 6.56' by 4' coverage area thanks to 2300 pieces of high quality white LED and an Osram red LED diode. The average PPFD is 3271 mol/m2/s (six feet above the canopy). The PPF rate of light output is around 1540 mol/s, and the PPE rate of light effectiveness is 2.8 mol/J. It uses only 550 watts of electricity. It is designed as a single-bar LED grow light. Because the width is only 5.38 inches, the shadow effect on the crops in the greenhouse is kept to a minimum.

Waterproof Performance

The waterproof performance of this Medic Grow 550W Slim Power 2 LED is especially vital for greenhouse lights. Slim Power 2 has an IP67 certificate, which implies it can be submerged in water. The motor, the connection that seals to the light, and the LED light board have all been treated with waterproof technology.

Single Aluminum Alloy Sheet

The whole heatsink of the Slim Power 2 is manufactured from a single sheet of aluminum alloy. The majority of the heat will be transported to the cooling fins, which can speed up heat transmission to the outside via air convection. There are no additional fans, great heat dissipation, minimal electricity, and no noise.


Model: Slim Power 2
Wattage: 550 Watts
Spectrum: F1
Lifespan: >50,000 hours
Daisy Chain:
3 Unit for Power Connection
100 Units Controlled by GLC-1 through Wire(Required Adaptable Cable)
140 Units Controlled by TSC-2 through Wire(Required Adaptable Cable)
PPF(light output): 1540 μmol/s
Efficacy: 2.8 μmol/J @277 AC
Coverage: 6.56' x 4'
AC Input: 120-277V AC, 347V AC, 50/60Hz
AC Input Current:
5.1 A (@120 V AC)
2.2 A (@277 V AC)
Max Operating Temperature: 104°F / 40°C
Mounting Height: ≥ 3' Above Canopy
Thermal Management: Unibody Cooling Fin Construction
Power Cord: 6'
Dimming: 0-10V by wire
Fixture & Dimensions: 47.64'' x 5.38" x 8.1"
Weight: 27.19lbs / 12.33kg
Waterproof: IP67
Certifications: None
Warranty: 5-Year Warranty

Additional features of Slim Power 2 LED Grow Lights for Greenhouses include:

The compact driver and linear design contribute to a minimum shadow on plants.
2.8 mol/J, high efficacy, and a PPF of up to 1540 mol/s
broad & enhanced red F1 spectrum, better at optimizing spectral content and light levels for any crop at any growth stage.
Daisy Chainable-Max 140Pcs of lights with the help of the TSC-2 Controller;
Easy Installation: The compact driver and linear design make the daisy chainable from one fixture to another.

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