Medic Grow 880W Spectrum X LED Grow Light



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Yields Up To 12 Plants

The Medic Grow 880W Spectrum X LED Grow Light is the perfect size for up to 12 plants.

Easy To Set Up

The plug and play design offers a one step installaton

Full Spectrum

Sun-like light spectrum for all stages of plant growth.

The Medic Grow 880W Spectrum X LED Grow Light produces a powerful 2376 mol/s of PPF output (2.7 mol/J @277AC) from 880 watts for successfully improved plant development, which will also enhance the quality of the plant and lower operational expenses. The fixture is made of the strongest grade of aluminum and is designed for long-term use. The two tuning knobs on top of the screen allow you to customize the lighting schedule to 8–14 hours per day and alter the brightness from 100% to 30% to meet your unique demands.

With two UV/IR LED panels that are easily removed, you'll have four adjustable spectrum options: V1, V1+UV&IR, F1, and F1+UV&IR. The V1 spectrum provides a balanced blue and red wavelength, essential during the vegetative phase. F1 has just the right amount of deep red to trigger more photosynthesis for blooming. As your plants get ready to bloom, a small amount of UV or IR will help them grow strong stems, space their nodes out just right, and make more flowers.

UV + IR Addon

The Medic Grow 880W Spectrum X LED Grow Light comes with two UV & IR bars that are removable, and they get power through the sidebars of the light. The UV Bar + IR enhances any light show or lighting arrangement. The new Spectrum X UV BAR + IR allows for easy LED usage. The IR remote control on the X LED Grow Light UV + IR gives growers additional freedom and control. It also contains wall or ceiling mounting brackets and floor mounting brackets for wall cleaning.

Full Spectrum Lighting

The Medic Grow 880W Spectrum X LED Grow Light was developed with a complete spectrum of Red+Blue+UV+IR LEDs to provide the ideal wavelength for all stages of growth. It is suitable for sowing, germination, vegetative growth, and blooming. When working alone, the spectrum is set to F1/FS. When connected to a Spectrum X and a TSC-2 Controller, it can tune 4 spectrums (V1, F1, VS, and FS). With the UV + IR Bars installed, both the VS and FS modes work.

White and Red Diodes

The Medic Grow 880W Spectrum X LED Grow Light comes with both white and red diodes. Red tends to promote long, gangly growth in plants, especially flower crops. On the other hand, white LEDs emit some far red, which will make the plants grow taller and flower earlier than if you use a red-and-blue LED light.

Great PPFD Distribution

On a 5X5 ft grow tent, we measured the PPFD at 6", 12", and 24" distances, and we clearly see that the higher the light is from the sensor, the less intense (lower PPFD) the light gets, yet the PPFD levels in the outside margins rise as the distance grows


Spectrum V1, F1, VS, FS V1, F1, VS, FS
PPF(light output) 2184 μmol/s 2376 μmol/s
Wattage 780 Watt 880 Watt
Efficacy 2.8 μmol/J @277 AC 2.7μmol/J @277 AC
Coverage 5x5 Feet; 5x5 Feet;
Fixture & Dimensions 46.46'' x 44.88" x 2.76" 46.46'' x 44.88" x 2.76"
AC Input Voltage 120-277VAC, 347-480VAC,50/60Hz 120-277VAC, 347-480VAC,50/60Hz
Max Operating Temperature 95°F / 35°C 95°F / 35°C
Mounting Height ≥ 12'' (30cm)Above Canopy ≥ 12'' (30cm)Above Canopy
Thermal Management Passive Passive
Dimming 0-10V 0-10V
Net Weight 14.5KG/PC 31.96lbs 15.9KG/PC 35.04lbs
Life Span >50,000hours
Warranty 5-Year Warranty | 1-Year Warranty for UV-IR Addon

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