Mixed Denomination Value Bill Money Currency Counter

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The highly advanced money counting machine not just does its work but also helps detect fake half notes, double notes quickly. It can study at least 40 different kinds of denominations. Have different denominations stack and want to get them counted immediately- don't worry, you can place up to 6 denominations together. The sending and receiving capacity of the counter is 500pcs/200pcs.

  • Suitable for Multiple Currencies: The money bill counter can support 40 worldwide currencies. 6 denominations can be added to the counter at a single time.

  • Counterfeit Detection: The money currency counter can detect counterfeit/rogue denominations easily with the on-board infrared, ultraviolet and magnetic band detection sensors.

  • Multi-Functional: The currency counter includes various functions like automatic counterfeit notes detection, self-examination, automatic start, clear functions, batching, half-note, double note detection.

  • Lighting Fast Counting Speed: With this tool, you can easily count the stacks at a lighting fast speed while ruling out the fake and half notes.

Some of the bill money collector's various functions include automatic stop, start, clearing function, half-note, double-note detection, multi-currency capability, and it allows PC and USB 2.0/3.0 interfacing.

Start counting your stacks in no time. The currency counter not only does the most complicated task but also helps do it immediately. Within a fraction of seconds, you have your cash sorted and well stacked. Stay confident and trust the money counter completely. It comes with ultraviolet, magnetic band detection, and infrared sensors that will help detect and spot counterfeit bills with the fingers' click.

The bright TFT LCD screen gives a clear vision of the money count. Some of the many functions of the money counter include: automatic start/stop/clear functions, auto manual operation, start, stop and clear functions.

The DL bill counter supports at least 40 different currencies available online. You can add up almost 6 denominations at a single point in time. Not just fake notes, it can also detect half-notes, double notes quickly.

The money counter dimensions are 12.6 x 11.3 8.1 / 320 x 288 x 205, so it does not take much space where you place it. The product weight is just 5.5 kgs. Our confidence in the money counter is due to its certifications: CE, FCC, and RoHS, which means that it has passed all the necessary standard tests required to be termed as safe for use.

The counting speed of the notes is between 800 and 1000pcs per minute (MDC/SDC Mode). And, on CTN mode the billing machine can count upto 1200pcs/min. It has a great sending and receiving capacity which is 500 pieces and 200 pieces respectively. So, your work will be sorted in the least time possible. Are you ready to invest in the advanced billing machine equipped with smart features?


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-142000

  • Model / Finish: 142000 / Matte Gray + Silver

  • Counting Speed: 800 - 1000pcs/min (MDC/SDC Mode) 1200pcs/min (CTN Mode)

  • Sending / Receiving Capacity: 500pcs / 200pcs

  • Banknote Size Length/Width: Length 110mm-185mm / Width 60mm - 90mm

  • Banknote Size Thickness: 0.08mm - 0.12mm

  • Certification: CE / FC / ROHS

  • Detection: CIS / UV / IR / MG / MT

  • Display Type / Counting Range: TFT LCD / 1 - 9999

  • Operating Power / Consumption: AC 110V± 10% 60Hz / <70w

  • Weight: 12.1lbs / 5.5kgs

  • Product Dimensions (in/mm): 12.6 x 11.3 8.1 / 320 x 288 x 205

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