Olympus Myco Organic Mushroom Substrate Kit



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Introducing our do-it-yourself Organic Mushroom Substrate Kit, expertly crafted for enthusiasts who delight in the hands-on experience of mushroom cultivation. This kit provides you with high-quality, organic ingredients to create the perfect substrate for a variety of mushrooms, ensuring a bountiful and sustainable harvest.

Kit Components:

  • Organic Coco Coir (1000g): A natural, renewable resource that offers excellent water retention and aeration properties.
  • Organic Vermiculite (475g): Enhances moisture retention and air circulation, crucial for healthy mushroom growth.
  • Lab-Grade Gypsum (235g): Balances pH levels and supplies essential nutrients, contributing to robust mushroom development.

Yields Over 11 lbs of Mushroom Substrate: When assembled and prepared, this kit yields more than 11 lbs of high-quality mushroom substrate, sufficient for multiple growing cycles.

Engaging DIY Experience:

  • Hydrate and Flash Pasteurize at Home: Engage in the satisfying process of hydrating and flash pasteurizing the substrate mix at your convenience. Our detailed instructions guide you through each step, ensuring a successful preparation.
  • Ideal for Hands-On Growers: This mushroom substrate kit is designed for those who enjoy being actively involved in every stage of the growing process, offering a truly immersive cultivation experience.

Why Choose Our DIY Mushroom Substrate Kit?:

  • Organic and Eco-Friendly: All components are organic, promoting an environmentally conscious cultivation practice.
  • Tailored for Success: Our bulk substrate kit is carefully curated to provide the optimal blend of ingredients for diverse mushroom species.
  • Detailed, Easy-to-Follow Instructions: We ensure a seamless experience with clear, step-by-step guidance.

For All Mushroom Varieties: This versatile kit is suitable for growing a wide range of mushrooms, from gourmet to medicinal, providing the flexibility to experiment with different types.

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