OneDeal BabyMaker XL Clone Tent 4'x1 1/3'x6 1/2'

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OneDeal baby maker is a hydroponic grow tent that features 5 shelves big enough to accommodate at least 288 clones on each tier. Composed of Nylon 420D fabric, the grow tent protects the plants against external factors which may compromise the plant’s growth. The grow tent's interior uses 97 percent premium mylar which is highly reflective and distributes light to a wide area of plants.

  • Slim Design: The grow tent rises up to 6.5 feet, and its footprint is 4 X 1 foot. The spaces between the sections of the grow tent are enough to house a good number of plants.

  • Premium Quality Built: The baby maker has been made using 420D nylon fabric, which is highly reflective. The zipper is lightproof and will help maintain a consistent quality of plants.

  • High-Quality Rack: The babymaker tent consists of high-quality racks that offer storage space for at least 144 clones on each shelf.

  • Lightproof zippers: Light won't sneak inside the tent; therefore, you never have to worry about your grows getting damaged due to excessive heat and light seeping inside.

The grow tent can be set up immediately within minutes, making it easy for all kinds of growers to erect a tent. The tent's design is robust and comes equipped with lightproof zippers that do not let light penetrate the tent.

The grow tent comes with see-through windows, which lets you look inside the tent without opening the walk-in doors. You can take a constant look at the plants and observe the growth of your plants. The zipper of the grow light is light proof and does not let the natural light interfere with plant growth.

The babymaker has a slim and obtrusive design, and its footprint is 4X1. The grow tent's height goes upto 6.5 ft, giving you a sufficient amount for storing your plants. You get a 1-year warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. The grow tent comes with a 1-year warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

The grow tent maintains its humidity on its own as the plants start growing and taking shape. The grow tent itself creates a growing environment for itself. The grow tent also uses soft and double fabric sockets for easy accessibility.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-772120

  • 2 x Front Doors 21 x 74 inches

  • 2 x Windows Air Inlet 11 x 7 inches

  • 3 x Round Extraction Socks 5 inches diameter

  • 4 x Electrical Cable Socks 3 inches diameter

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