OneDeal 9’5" x 9’5" x 6'7" Grow Tent

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The OneDeal is known to have one of the large size grow tents, and its dimensions are 9’5" X 9’5" X 6’7". The grow tent uses heavy-duty cloth, which supports a unique stitching technique that does not let heat, odor, and light escape. The grow tent ensures large capacity and can home 12 mature plants and 40 if they are short in size.

  • Oxford Cloth Exterior: The thick cloth creates an insulated interior and does not let heat escape, creating idle indoor grow conditions.

  • Multiple Vents: The grow tent comes with various vents on which you can install fans and filters, so there is a proper system for heat dissipation.

  • Highly-Reflective Silver Coating: The grow light is dispersed to a wide canopy, so even the plants lying in the corner most places get the desired amount of light to grow healthier and taller.

  • Easy Maneuverability: The ceiling height of the grow tent is 6.5’, sufficient to accommodate large plants. Also, the good ceiling height gives you sufficient space to work beneath.

The dimensions of the grow tent are 9’5" x 9’5" x 6'7", and it is known to be one of the largest sized horticulture tents. The frame of the grow tent is light, sturdy, reliable. The inner lining of the grow tent is customized and lightweight, which ensures a high grow footprint.

The grow tent has a huge capacity, and it can carry almost 12 big plants and 40 small ones. The accommodation capacity completely depends on the type of plant. The ceiling of the grow tent is 6’7", which allows a lot of space for the plants to grow. When the plants have fully matured, you can accommodate at least 40 plants.

The rooftop of the grow tent is lightproof as it uses heavy-duty oxford cloth, which has been made using a secret stitching technique. The cloth won't let light enter through the seams and joins. It creates the perfect growing environment within the grow tent.

The inner lining of the grow tent allows light to reflect better and helps it reach a wider canopy. So, your plants grow thicker and healthier than ever before. The inner lining of the plant gives a 360-degree exposure to the plants. The grow tents have a tough finish and have plastic corners. The assembly of the frame is quite easy, and in no time can you erect the tent.

The tent comes with multiple vents to attach fan filters or ducting, so the heat gets dissipated immediately. With proper ducts, the heat inside the grow tent evacuates, so plants do not get burnt.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-770700

  • Dimensions: 9’5"(L)x9’5"(W)x6’7"(H)

  • Exterior Material: Heavy duty light proof oxford cloth

  • Interior Material: 100% highly reflective waterproof silver coating

  • Vents: Multiple vents for fan filter or ducting

  • Frame: Lightweight and easy to assemble

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