OneDeal Mini Clone Box 2'x2'

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The search for a grow tent that supports clones' growth ends at OneDeal 2’ X 2’ mini clone box. The grow tent has been designed appropriately with the perfect design strategy, material, and construction, which makes it popular and one of the best horticulture solutions available in the market today.

The OneDeal mini clone comes with reinforced plastic corners which provides strength to the overall structure. With various ports for intake and outlet within the grow tent, you can provide power to the grow light easily. The grow tent has been made lightweight, user-friendly, and ergonomic for easy maneuverability and access.

Light won’t escape the grow tent as it comes with a customized silver coating that reflects light better and reaches all the corners of the grow tent. The grow tent has been stitched intricately, which makes it completely lightproof and highly efficient.

Customer Reviews

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Sean Knorr

This one deal mini clone box 2'x2 is awesome

Levi Piader

Great value for a propagation tent.

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