Phantom 1000W 40 Series Double-Ended Enclosed Lighting Fixture


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The commercial 277DE is an enclosed lighting non-dimming system that boosts state-of-the-art double-ended technology for delivering an optimum PAR value. The double-ended fixture has a robust commercial design that offers superior reliability. The premium aluminum European hammertone interior promises 95% reflectivity for healthier plant growth.

  • Uniform PAR Distribution:The double-ended superior technology allows even distribution of power to a broad footprint, resulting in healthier plant growth.

  • Auto-Restrike: It helps save the lamps from getting damaged during sudden power fluctuations.

  • Enclosed Lamp Design: The lamp is placed inside an enclosed design which allows proper heat management, longer lamp life, and focused light output.

  • Perfect for Damp Locations: The grow light can function ideally well in damp locations, thus offering high reliability.

The Phantom is a high-temperature lamp holder which has a unique design. It is a double-ended fixture that delivers power uniformly. The system has an enclosed design that delivers optimum heat management, focused light output, and long lamp life.

The Phantom has a patented signal control, so you can stay assured of your investment. The horticulture fixture comes with an end-of-lamp life signal, so you know when you need to change.

The robust commercial design offers superior reliability so that the fixture will stay around for a pretty good time. The system offers 95% reflectivity, which promises maximum light distribution, so all the indoor plantations receive sufficient lighting under all conditions.

When there are sudden power outages or fluctuations, the lamps do not get damaged because of the auto re-strike feature. If you have been looking for a grow light that functions well in damp conditions, then choosing the phantom enclosed lighting system is the perfect solution.

Heat dissipation is well taken care of as the system using cooling fans. Tha fans dissipate heat faster, so you never have to worry about the heat getting trapped and damaging the system. The cooling fans allow the system to function smoothly and stay around for very long life.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PHDESK22

  • Shipping Weight: 12.70 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:11.61L x 25.59W x 13.98H

  • Ballast Type:Electronic

  • Bulb(s) Included:Yes

  • FCC_Registration:Yes

  • Frequency:50/60Hz

  • Rated Wattage:1000 W

  • Weight (Unboxed):9.47

  • Width (Unboxed):21.10

  • Length (Unboxed):9.37

  • Height (Unboxed):9.45

  • Voltage: 277/347 V

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