Phantom 315W CMH Pro Double-Ended Light Bulb

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The Phantom Pro is a metal halide lamp that gives out full-spectrum light or plants biologically active radiation. The light comes with a 20,000 hour service lifetime, therefore saving you from frequent lamp replacements. The grow light emits far-red light and UV, which helps stimulate the plants' photomorphogenic traits, thus allowing them to reach their full potential.

  • Perfect for Indoor Environments: The highly efficient lamp delivers an output of 580 μmol/s of photosynthetic photon flux and PPF between 400-700nm, which gives superior performance in the greenhouse and indoor grows.

  • 20,000 Hour Service Lifetime: The double jacketed grow light system is capable of functioning without a lens

  • Full Spectrum Lamp Output: Indoor plants grow just as healthy as the outdoor plants with the full spectrum light delivering photosynthetic photon flux or PPF within the 400-700nm range.

  • No Lens Required: As the horticulture light supports a double jacketed design, it can be operated with a bulb's need.

The Phantom Pro is a 315W ceramic metal halide DE Lamp which gives out active radiation. The double-ended grow light is perfect for greenhouse environments and indoor houses. The combination of far-red light and UV stimulate desirable traits due to which the plants reach their full potential.

With the full spectrum light output, the grow light delivers 580 μmol/s (PPF 400–700nm). The lamp has an integrated double jacketed design which allows its safe functioning without a lens.

The lens offers a 20,000 hour lifetime which means you do not have to worry about bearing unwanted expenses for replacements. Also, with a long service promise, you can easily rely on the performance of the grow light. So, you are promised great value for your money. The grow light is not intended for use in higher wattage high-frequency ballasts.


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  • Package Dimensions: 2.17L x 2.17W x 15.75H

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