Phantom CMH Reflector, Ballast, and Lamp Kit - 4200K

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You get a CMH reflector with a Phantom ceramic digital ballast and a 315W T12 metal halide lamp, ensuring a high-quality growth spectrum. The reflector provides extra energy, amazing PAR per watt performance, and an added extra energy that delivers a great quality of the crop. The reflector is ideal for low-lying grow areas, vertical gardens, tents, and ceilings.

  • Warranty Covered:The grow light comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can stay assured of the investment made.

  • Highly-Reflective Hammertone Aluminum Specular: With 95% reflective potential, the light is distributed to the maximum number of plants.

  • Longevity:The average life of the fixture is 20,000 hours. It gives out 90% PAR output till it reaches 8,000 hours.

  • Increased UV Plant Quality: The combination of a horizontally optimized spectrum and an increased UV output enhances the plant quality helping you achieve a healthier yield quality.

The grow light comes equipped with a Phantom CMH reflector supported by a ceramic halide digital ballast to keep a check on the fixture's performance output. The halide technology has brought about a great advancement in horticulture technology.

The lamp gives out an amazing PAR per watt performance, extra energy in the UV range, high-quality growth spectrum, which contribute to creating a high-quality yield. The system helps maintain a great PPF/PAR value which allows longer intervals between re-lamping.

The grow light delivers an excellent PPF of the value of 1.95 µmol/s. The fixture ensures 20,000-hour average life, making it a highly durable horticulture solution. The digital ballast features a square wave technology and low frequency for ultimate performance and output.

The grow light is perfect for installation in vertical tents/gardens/ceiling etc. With the highly reflective European hammertone aluminum specular material, the light reaches the maximum number of plants. With 95% reflectivity, the grow light delivers complete efficiency.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PHR31504KT

  • Package Dimensions: 23.5L x 21.3W x 14.5H

  • Warranty: Reflector (5 years), Ballast (3 years), Lamp (1 year)

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