Phantom Commercial 1000W Double-Ended Digital Ballast, 277V

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The Phantom double-ended technology is an engineering marvel that gives the maximum PAR value. The grow light gives four dimming percentages- 60%, 75%, 100%, and super boost (1150W lamp outpost). The auto-restrike saves lamps from damage when there are sudden power fluctuations. To increase the efficiency of the fixture, the grow light has been equipped with cooling fans.

  • Auto Restrike: When there are sudden fluctuations in power, the horticulture fixture won’t be affected and will work smoothly.

  • Safe Use: The grow light fixture is FCC certified, so you are making a reliable investment with the fixture.

  • Perfect for Damp Locations: The horticulture fixture works great for damp locations. You can stay without a worry about messing with the functioning of the horticulture fixture.

  • Centralized Digital Control:The dual-zone digital control system allows you to take control of various systems simultaneously. You can also dim down and switch the system simultaneously.

Achieve maximum PAR value with the phantom double-ended technology. The high-frequency design has been optimized for double-ended 1000W HPS bulbs. The bulbs give a highly precise microprocessor with 4-way output control.

The horticulture fixture does not disturb the surrounding environment as it is lightweight and extremely efficient. The ballast can power the double-ended reflector available in the market.

The ballast is fully compatible with the Autopilot PX1 digital lighting controller. It has a centralized dual-zone digital control using which you can take complete control over the DE lighting. It allows you to switch and dim easily, boosting the ballasts by up to 256 in each. The maximum capacity it has is for 512 ballasts.

Create new light recipes with the grow light to support different growth stages of the plant's life stage. It is compatible with the Autopilot PX1 digital lighting controller, using which you can create light recipes to support different stages of a plant’s growth cycle. You get a 4-way dimming option, and you can adjust the light by following percentages- 60%, 100%, 75%, and super boost (1150W lamp output).

The auto restrike function of the grow light saves the horticulture solution from getting damaged as even during heavy power fluctuations, the ballast takes care of the power influx. The system comes equipped with cooling fans which allow quick heat dissipation. With the proper heat management of the horticulture solution, the fixture works efficiently. Great cooling fans help maintain the ambient system temperature and ensure a long product life.

Don't worry about installing the grow light in damp locations as it has been designed with smart technology, which lets it operate even in such situations.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PHB4020

  • Shipping Weight:8.50 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:10.20L x 6.80W x 3.50H

  • FCC_Registration: Yes

  • Rated Wattage:1000 W

  • Voltage: 277 V

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