Phantom Commercial 1000W Double-Ended Digital Ballast - HPS, 277V/347V

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The ballast has been designed for double-ended 1000W HPS lamps. The FCC-compliant design is the latest double-ended technology that delivers maximum PAR value. You get highly precise microprocessors with the ballast. Also, you get an 8-foot cord with the ballast. The horticulture fixture comes with cooling fans which immediately dissipate heat out of the system.

  • Hard-Wired Cable Rod:You get an 8’ hard-wired cable rod, and there are no plugs installed for the same.

  • Suitable for Damp Locations: You can use the horticulture fixture in damp locations without worrying about hindering the fixture's functioning.

  • Quick Heat Dissipation: With the cooling fans installed in the ballast, the heat is dissipated quickly. The cooling fans maintain the ambient temperature of the system.

  • Safe to Use:The fixture is FCA compliant, and CSA certified, making it a reliable investment, completely safe for use.

The double-ended technology has been designed for promising you great results while driving maximum PAR value. The ballast uses high-frequency technology designed for double-ended HPS lamps. With the use of highly precise processors, the ballast works silently.

The grow light is FCC compliant and generator ready, which comes with an 8-foot power cord and instructions. The ballast's robust commercial design is FCC compliant, and CSA certified, making it a safe investment and superior reliability.

The auto restrike feature makes the system a worth buy as the system stays protected against damaging power interruptions. To maintain the system's ambient temperature, it is equipped with cooling fans that get rid of heat, so the system functions efficiently for many years because good heat management means better system functionality.

The system comes with 8’ hard-wired power, and there are no plugs installed in the system. The system functions great in damp locations, so you never really have to worry about the horticulture solution's reduced efficiency even in challenging locations. The system comes with a patented ignition control which also has a patented RF shielding.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PHB4035

  • Shipping Weight:8.70 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions: 11.00L x 9.45W x 3.94H

  • Ballast Type: Electronic

  • FCC_Registration:Yes

  • Frequency: 50/60

  • Rated Wattage:1000 W

  • Voltage: 277-347 V

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