Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed Lighting System With USB Interface: 208-240V


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The grow light fixture uses a double-ended fixture which delivers a constant PAR value over a wide growing area. The fixture has a USB interface connected to an Autopilot PX1 digital lighting controller for creating unique light recipes for individual plants. The fixture's auto-restrike function stays protected against sudden power surges and fluctuations during the day.

  • Four-Way Output Control: You can set the output percentage of the fixture at 60%, 75%, 100%, and super boost for meeting the requirements of different plants.

  • Highly-Reflective Hammertone Material: The fixture uses a reflector with a hammertone interior and allows at least 95% reflectivity.

  • Auto-Restrike:The feature helps the lamps get damaged when there are excessive power surges and power interruptions.

  • Warranty Covered: The system uses a reflector with a 1-year warranty, the ballast comes with a 3-year warranty, and the lamp with a 1-year warranty.

The commercial DE system is an enclosed lighting system equipped with state-of-art DE technology, allowing equal PAR value distribution. With the USB interface, you can connect to the Autopilot PX1 digital lighting controller for creating unique light recipes. So, you get a reflector with a premium European-made DE lamp that delivers a PAR output of 2100 µmol.

The system offers 4-way output control, and the percentage of the grow light can be set at 60%, 75%, 100%, and super boost. You can set the light output as per the need of the growing stage of the plantations. The fixture has a robust commercial design that offers superior reliability. The fixture has a compact design so that you can hang the fixture to any place easily.

The system uses the Auto restrike function, which protects it against sudden power surges and fluctuations. So, whenever there are sudden fluctuations, the system won't get turned off. The system heat is dissipated with the help of the cooling fins.

You get an end-of-life signal with the fixture helping you stay updated about the performance of the grow light in no time. The system has an advanced feature that allows it to be used in damp locations.

The reflector has a patented roof design that delivers a high PAR value with great uniformity. The reflector has a premium quality European hammertone interior, which allows 95% reflectivity and focuses light directly in a focused pattern. The lamp uses high proportions of blue and red light, which allows efficient photosynthesis. The fixture has a lamp design that does not allow shadowing.

PHB4015 Ballast Specifications:

  • SKU/Model No.:HF-PHDEKTS1

  • USB interface provides full compatibility with Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller

  • High-precision microprocessor control

  • Four-way output control: 60%, 75%, 100%, and Super Boost (1150W lamp output)

  • Robust commercial design

  • Superior reliability

  • LED status indicator

  • Internal RF shielding

  • Patented ignition control

  • End of lamp life signal

  • Auto-restrike feature protects valuable lamps from damaging power interruptions

  • Cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation

  • Suitable for use in damp locations

  • Features an IEC power connection and comes with a 8' 240V 16/3 AWG power cord with EMI suppression

  • Includes 15' USB-RJ12 Controller Cable Pack

  • FCC certified

DE1000Zh (Enclosed) Reflector Specifications:

  • A double-ended system delivers higher PAR value with incredible uniformity

  • Patented open roof design for ideal lamp operational temperature

  • Premium aluminum European hammertone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity

  • Directs light down in a focused pattern

  • Compact design minimizes interference with sun in greenhouse applications

  • Excellent efficiency at higher mounting heights

  • Requires fewer reflectors to meet desired light levels

  • Compounding performance in multi-light configurations

  • European-made VS K12 x 30s high-temperature lamp holders

  • Patented reflector design: D731,109 (and other patents pending)

Premium DE lamp Specifications:

  • High proportions of red and blue light guarantee efficient photosynthesis

  • Excellent PAR output (2100 µmol)

  • Quartz glass outer jacket for superior optical quality

  • Lamp design eliminates shadowing from arc tube support

  • Designed for use with Hydrofarm and PARsource high-frequency DE fixtures and ballasts

  • Package Dimensions:19.8L x 10.8W x 12.0H

  • Warranty: 1 yr-Reflector, 3 yr-Ballast, 1 yr-Lamp

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