Phantom II 1000w Digital Dimmable Ballast -120/240v

PhantomSKU: HF-PHB2010

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The Phantom 2 digital ballast is the new age solution for monitoring the voltage of the bulbs. Equipped with the smart alert technology, the Phantom 2 uses a 32 MHz fully integrated microprocessor and four-way dimming feature for the best performance. With intelligent lamp ignition and power control, you get complete charge over the performance of the ballast.

The ballast does its work silently without disturbing the surroundings. It comes equipped with the latest technology which makes sure that the system continues working smoothly. The ballast uses a 32 MHz integrated processor which ensures efficient working.

The hot restrike program helps protect the lamp in the ballast from getting turned off unexpectedly. The ballast won't start for at least 15 minutes once it gets turned off unexpectedly.

With the 4 way dimming feature you can adjust the output of the grow lamp. The dimming percentages are 60%, 75%, 100%, and super.

The ballast comes with LED indicators, intelligent lamp detection features, precision thermal control, ignition voltage control, etc. The ballast has been designed accurately for operating single-ended lamps, making it the perfect dimming ballast.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PHB2010

  • Smart Alert Technology

  • High-precision microprocessor control

  • High efficiency

  • Ignition voltage control

  • Four-way dimming feature 60%, 75%, 100% and Super

  • Intelligent lamp ignition and power control

  • LED indicators

  • Intelligent lamp detection

  • End of life lamp protection and indication

  • Current sense intelligent startup

  • Precision thermal controls

  • NOTE: The Phantom PHB20 series ballasts are designed to operate single-ended lamps only, and cannot run double-ended (DE) lamps.

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