Phantom II CMH 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Digital Ballast

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The phantom CMH is low-frequency ballast designed specifically for 315W high-intensity ceramic halide lamps to boost vegetative and flowering growth. The ballast works silently, and it is highly energy-efficient, which provides greater stability and promises consistent output levels. The multi-aspect protection circuitry feature protects against lamp failure, lighting, hot lamp startups, under-voltage, and overvoltage.

  • Low-Frequency Amount: It gives greater stability, gives a consistent output level, and keeps the acoustic resonance low.

  • Multi-Aspect Protection Circuitry: The ballast is protected against under-voltage, over-current, lightning, hot lamp startup, short circuit, lamp failure, etc.

  • 30’ Lamp Strike Distance: You can keep the ballast at a 30’ distance from the output with the lamp cord extension's help. The cord allows you to keep the fixture at a necessary distance.

  • Multi-Volt Capability:The ballast runs at 120V or 240V, giving you multiple options.

The low-frequency ballast can be effectively used for flowering and vegetative growth. The square wave digital ballast can be operated remotely, and it has been designed for 315W high-intensity ceramic halide lamps.

Due to the RF shielding feature, you achieve a multi-aspect protection circuitry. The ballast functions silently, and it is highly reliable, energy-efficient. You can mount the ballast on the wall, almost 30’ away from the reflector, with the help of lamp cord extensions.

With the kit, you get 8’ 120V power cord, a three-year warranty, and a booklet for operating instructions. The hot-strike feature may take anywhere around 15 minutes. The ballast may take a very long time to cool down due to the presence of 2 layers of glasses. If the lamp is operated for less than 3 minutes, then you may face ignition issues.

The package dimensions are 11.5L x 6.7W x 3.3H, and it does not take much of a space in the grow tent to keep you safe.


  • SKU/Model No.:HF-PHBC3151

  • *Important- hot restrike can take up to 15 minutes. The lamp will take longer to cool down since it has two layers of glass. Please allow enough time for ignition. Philips recommends that you do not operate the lamp for less than 3 minutes or this can cause ignition issues.

  • Package Dimensions:11.5L x 6.7W x 3.3H

  • Warranty: 3 Year

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