Phat Charcoal Fiber Odor Filter, 6"


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The Phat Charcoal Fiber Odor filter is a highly efficient filter on the market. Built with greenhouse charcoal fiber, it comes with the latest 3-layer tightly woven fiber technology. It helps to remove gases, particulate matter, and odors from the growing room, growing tent, or any other similar area. It has an increased capacity which makes it usable with fans with a high CFM rating.

It is perfect for complimentary odor control, scrubbing operations, and use in sealed/controlled rooms with exhaust fans and automatic high-temperature triggers. The unique 3-layer technology is really helpful in removing large particulate matter from the air and maintaining freshness.

Other air filters have weird shapes. But the Phat Charcoal filter has vertical pleats and an inverted nose cone to increase the area of filtration as much as possible. Moreover, Phat Charcoal Fiber Odor filter has a lightweight and durable design, making it easy to carry and use anywhere you want.

Use an air compressor to blow out particulate matter and dust particles from the filter instead of water. After cleaning the filter, it is good for use again. Also, try to keep the humidity level below 75% because more than that reduces the filter’s efficiency.


  • Greenhouse charcoal fiber - odor & particulate filter

  • Highest rated CFM on the market

  • Revolutionary odor control

  • Unique 3-Layer charcoal fiber technology

  • Inverted nose cone and vertical pleats for maximum filtered area

  • Durable & lightweight


  • SKU/Model No: HF-IGSCFF6

  • Brand: Phat

  • Weight: 1.9 pounds

  • Warranty: None

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