Phat Charcoal Fiber Odor Filter, 8"

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Remove nasty odors from your grow room with the tested - Phat Charcoal Fiber Odor Filter. This super effective and high-capacity odor filter can be used with efficient CFM Fans. It is a perfect method for scrubbing unwanted air pollutants and odor control. 

It consists of a highly efficient backup filter for controlled and sealed rooms with high-temperature exhaust fans. So, if you are worried about the uncontrollable odor in the grow room, Phat charcoal fiber filter serves perfectly!


  • Top-rated CFM on the market

  • Revolutionary odor control features

  • Unique three-layer charcoal fiber technology

  • Greenhouse charcoal fiber - odor and particulate filter

  • Durable & lightweight


  • SKU/ Model: HF-IGSCFF8

  • Name: Phat Charcoal Fiber Odor Filter 8 Inc

  • Brand: Phat Filters

Note: Prevent cleaning filters with water. Make sure to blow all dust and particles out of the filter from the inside out via air compressor. As soon as all dust is removed, the filter is all set to be reused. 

For maintaining the high efficacy of the filter, please keep it clean and maintain the greenhouse humidity levels below 75%. High humidity will interfere with filters' capability to absorb odors.

To increase efficacy keep filter clean and greenhouse humidity levels below 75%. High humidity will interfere with the filters ability to adsorb odors.

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