Phat Filter, 4" x 12", 200 CFM



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Phat Filter is one of the most famous carbon filtration systems worldwide. It uses top-quality Mongolian virgin carbon that dates back to 250 million years. Virgin carbon absorbs the nasty smell and particulates from the grow area, the conical base provides greater airflow, and tightly packed carbon enhances porosity.

  • More Air Holes Per Square Inch: The outer surface of the filter has more air holes per square inch compared to other filters on the market for increased airflow.
  • Aluminium Bottom and Top: The top and bottom of the Phat filter are made using aluminum. It makes the filter lightweight.
  • Increased LifeSpan and Quality: This carbon filter is machine-packed, sealed, boxed, and labeled directly after manufacturing. It ensures the optimum life of the product.
  • Included Pre-Filter: Phat Filter comes with a pre-filter for eradicating large-sized air particles.

Get rid of the nastiest odors from your grow area using the world’s famous greenhouse Phat Filter. It uses a special charcoal carbon (RC 412) that comes from pre-Cambrian ore. 

No deadly compounds get in contact during the activation process. This means it does not cause any harmful effects to the environment. In addition, cone-shaped internal bottom and outer mesh offer 53% open area to ensure enhanced airflow.

Phat Filter is instantly sealed after manufacturing. It enhances its life span, optimizes presentation, and retains humidity. It also comes with a pre-fitted pre-filter that will help you catch the large-sized particles to clean the carbon. You can also remove the pre-filter several times in a year for quick machine washing.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-IGSPF124

  • Brand: Phat

  • CFM Rating: 200

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Flange Size: 4”

  • Weight: 11 lbs

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