Phat Filter, 6" x 20", 450 CFM



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Phat Filter uses high-grade and low-density carbon to eliminate the nastiest smell and particles from your grow area. You can also use it to ventilate your shed, home, barn, etc. This high-performance filter is the preferred choice by plenty of indoor growers and hobbyists. It has a cylindrical shape for easy transportation, Mongolian virgin charcoal for maximum absorption, and other great features.

  • Made with a High-Grade Charcoal: The air filter is manufactured with high-density, high-absorption, and high-grade charcoal – Mongolian virgin.
  • Proven Quality: It is one of the excellent air filters on the market that gives you clean air. Its quality is also backed by math and science. ADsorption Yield is the key.
  • Environmental-Friendly: There are no deadly compounds that get in touch with the Phat Filter during its activation procedure. It means the filter does not cause any harm to our planet.
  • Portability: Cylindrical design of the air filter is small in size and easy to handle. Thanks to the lightweight aluminum shell.

Phat Filter is the state-of-the-art greenhouse air filter on the market. The small size and compact design allow great portability. In addition, it is packed with high-grade charcoal - Mongolian virgin charcoal that effectively filters the nasty odors from your grow area. 

Its outer surface has more air holes per square inch in comparison to other air filters. The cylindrical shape design allows you to place it even in tightly packed areas easily. It is 100% tested independently in a lab to ensure high purity.

How to Calculate Adsorption Yield?

Dry Apparent Density x Butane Number = Adsorption yield

High adsorption yield means a great capacity to absorb odors. It also signifies the long-life span of the filter.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-IGSPF206

  • Brand: Phat

  • Color: Grey

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Product Dimensions: 11.25 x 11.5 x 23.25 inches

  • Weight: 22.8 Pound

  • CFM Rating: 450

  • Diameter: 6 inches

  • Carbon Bed Thickness: 2 inches

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