Photobio 680W MX 100-277V S4 LED Grow Light

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Cord: 100V-277V
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Are you looking for a horticulture solution that gives you a great yield while keeping the lowest operational costs? Try the Photobio MX, which consumes 35% less power than the 1000W DE fixture to give out superior quality yield with the laboratory-developed spectrum. You can also control the light output when paired with the Autopilot PX series controller.

  • Save Energy Bills:Take control over the energy output to save massively on the energy bills. The grow light delivers 15% higher light output with the consumption of 35% less power.

  • Output Adjustability: With the Photo LOC, you can regulate the amount of light output between 0-10V by pairing it with the Autopilot PX series controller.

  • Slim Design: The grow light has a vertical design covering the maximum growing space, so the plants are lying in the corner of most areas.

  • IP65 Rating: The fixture is protected against dust, heavy jets, and it can also withstand continuous submersion in water.

The Photobio MX does everything entirely differently. With the consumption of 680W of power, it delivers 15% more light to penetrate the canopy deeply. The grow light increases the yield, but it brings down the operational cost, so you save massively on the operational costs.

The grow lights spectrum is developed in a private research laboratory that enhances the flower yield and gives desirable traits to the resin-producing crops within a short time. The photo bio MX follows a bar-style concept that helps deliver unparalleled PPFD uniformity to the plant canopy.

You get an autopilot PX series controller, which lets you take control over the light intensity and output quickly. The horticulture solution is run through an extensive series of tests and thermal modeling, making sure that the diodes perform exceptionally well and give consistent output.

The horticulture solution comes with iLOC or the integrated light output control, which consists of a knob that gives the grower control over the photon output. Growers can accommodate according to the plantations' varying stages for activating the process of photosynthesis in plants.

It supports a multilayer rack that can increase the square canopy footage twice and thrice the amount of canopy square footage. The driver of the grow light is placed just below the grow light that helps maximize the vertical grow area.

The Photobio MX is a superb quality product listed under the DLC and helps you save massively on the energy costs while ensuring that the plants' growth and health are optimized. The grow light emits red to blue ratio which maximizes flower development and vigorous growth.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PTB7680LS4

  • Average Rated Life Hours:50000

  • CE_Registration: Yes

  • FCC_Registration: Yes

  • Rated Wattage: 680 W

  • ROHS_Registration:Yes

  • Weight (Unboxed): 47.50

  • Width (Unboxed): 44.00

  • Length (Unboxed): 43.30

  • Height (Unboxed): 1.78

  • Voltage: 100-277 V

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