Photobio 680W TX 100-277V S4 LED Grow Light

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Voltage Range: 120V
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Get the Photobio TX for the greenhouse and indoor applications. Not just great on performance, the grow light flaunts a slim design that helps avoid sun interference while taking care of the plant canopy. The slim design makes it all the way more attractive, due to which it requires very little installation space. The closed-loop installation system wicks heat out of the system instantly.

  • Smart Heat Dissipation: The grow light uses a smart heat dissipation system which includes a closed-loop heat pipe for rapid heat dissipation.

  • IP65 Rating: The grow light can withstand the test of times with the IP65 rating, ensuring that the grow light is protected against heavy water jets and dust-tight.

  • Output Control: You can pair the grow light with the Autopilot PX series controller, which allows you to create unique light recipes and take control over the plant’s growth.

  • Efficient Thin Linear Design: It helps minimize sun interference in greenhouses, so the plants get access to the maximum potential.

The Photobio TX is ideal for indoor and greenhouse applications. The grow light has a slim design that does not allow the interference of the sunlight. The slim design provides great access to the plant canopy.

The grow light has an effective design that uses a closed-loop heat pipe to wick heat out of the system via the diodes. The system allows superior heat dissipation and provides longevity to the horticulture solution.

The horticulture solution emits an S4 spectrum, which creates ideal conditions for plants and humans, creating a better working environment. So, working in a greenhouse with the horticulture lights should not be a topic of worry for you. With the grow light solution, you achieve superior crop quality consistently.

You can expect maximized ROIs with the high-performance output of the grow light. The horticulture solution delivers 1700+ μmol/s Photon flux at 277V. For supplemental greenhouse applications and sole indoor purposes, the grow light delivers 2.55 μmol per joule efficacy @277V.

The grow light comes with an IP65 rating which ensures that the system stays safe against dust and high-pressure water jets. The rating means that no external component like water and dust can deteriorate its output and hamper its functioning.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PTB5680LS4

  • Average Rated Life Hours:50000

  • FCC_Registration: Yes

  • Frequency:50/60

  • Rated Wattage:YES W

  • Weight (Unboxed): 24.50

  • Width (Unboxed): 5.00

  • Length (Unboxed): 42.25

  • Height (Unboxed): 7.50

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