Photobio Advanced Quantum PAR Meter

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The PAR meter by photophobia advanced quantum accurately measures the PAR output emitted by light sources to grow different plants. If the PAR emitted by the grow light is between 400 to 700 nm, then the grow light would measure it effectively. You get a remote sensor along with the fixture and AAA batteries which can be easily replaced.

  • Efficient: The grow light can record up to 99 readings, so you can always check it for easy reference.

  • Perfect for Recording Horticulture Studies: You can keep a complete check over the plant psychology and record the plants' photosynthesis rate.

  • Two Connection Cables: The connection cables give liberty and give better accessibility.

  • Easy Maintenance: The maintenance is quick and easy; the battery of the PAR meter can be easily changed as it uses regular AAA batteries.

The Photobio advanced is a quantum PAR meter design to measure the plants' PAR output within 400-700nm. It can efficiently measure accurate PAR emitted by the light sources. The PAR calculator has been designed to monitor plant psychology and ideally for horticulture studies.

You get a remote sensor with the horticulture fixture, so measuring PAR becomes simple and quick. You also get the option to connect 2 cables to the fixture. The remote's battery can be replaced with regular AAA batteries, easily available in the market.

The remote sensor can store upto 99 measurements which helps you keep a regular check on the lights' PAR output. You can easily refer to the stored light data in the future. With a simple and easy application, the remote PAR meter allows easy accessibility and control.


  • SKU/Model No.:HF-LGBQM2

  • Shipping Weight:0.86 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions: 5.59L x 6.22W x 3.15H

Customer Reviews

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Chad M Jewell
Peace of mind for a good price

Love having this on hand. No more guessing on fixture height. My plants were immediately more happy. Seems to be accurate . My plants are now praying hard every time i look at them

jamie orgeron
Photobio advanced quantum par meter

The Photobio advanced quantum par meter is a valuable tool. The meter was shipped promptly with no problems. It's very easy to use so you can evaluate the light strength at various stages of your plants. I highly recommend this meter.

DJ Cox
Photobio advanced quantum par meter

I get it out to adjust my lights and they're intensity. My operation is garden plants and not very large. if you don't have a meter you can't tell if you're set up right or even if you have enough light. I'm well pleased with this little unit. I don't need anything any fancier

Anthony Delio
Best Growing Aid I ever owned

If you grow a lot the par meter is a must, It gives you the facts and peace of mind that the plants are getting the correct amount of light,(Par) to grow the fastest possible, without Doubt. The Photobio Advanced Quantum PAR Meter is Perfect for the task

Jay Satava

It’s a nice tool to have for dialing in our lighting

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