Photobio 340W X3 100-277V S4 spectrum

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The smart grow light fixture is a highly-affordable, and an efficient grow light fixture which can replace a 1000W HID. It consumes relatively 35% less power to deliver 15% more light output. By reducing the operational costs it can help you achieve record-breaking yields. It includes a highly reflective panel which helps reflect the photons down to the canopy and help increase the PPFD by 2%.

  • Light Output Control:Control the light intensity with the conjunction of the PHOTO.LOC light output and autopilot PX2 controller.

  • IP65 Rated: It can be installed in wet locations as the IP65 rating ensures safety against dust and water.

  • Power Saving: It delivers efficiency equivalent to a 1000W DE fixture while consuming 35% less energy. So, you can save massively on the operational costs.

  • Uniform Light Distribution:With the strategic placement of the diodes the light is distributed uniformly for an even growth.

The photophobia fixture has been designed studying the good and bad of all the fixtures available in the market to only come with a better version of all. It can replace a highly efficient 1000W DE fixture. While consuming 35% less power the photobi LED offers 15% more light to the canopy. So, you can save a huge amount on the operational cost.

The grow light has a reflective panel which redirects the photons from the surface of the leaf down to the canopy and thus increasing the PPFD by 2%. The spectrum has been designed in a research laboratory which helps drive the flower yield.

The placement between the diodes has been such that it delivers PPFD uniformly to the canopy. The S4 spectrum delivers an output 850μmol per second. The grow light delivers 2.6 μmol per joule efficiency. The diodes have a 11 year diode life, if the operational cost is 12 hours each day.

The grow fixture is IP65 rated which protects the fixture against high water pressure and dust. The grow light requires zero maintenance, so you can save a lot on the operational costs. With the Photo.LOC light output control and autopilot PX2 controller you can keep control over the PPF output.

The diodes of the grow light have undergone extensive thermal modeling which ensures its smooth functioning.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-PTB9340LS4

  • Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions: 28.54L x 51.18W x 5.71H

  • Average Rated Life Hours: 36000

  • FCC_Registration:Yes

  • Rated Wattage: 340 W

  • Weight (Unboxed): 22.00

  • Width (Unboxed): 48.31

  • Length (Unboxed):42.91

  • Height (Unboxed): 2.62

  • Voltage: 100-270 V

  • Barcodes: 638104026673 (UPC-A)

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Badqss light

This light is sweet its approx 4.5x4 super electricity efficient ended up getting one at my local grow store but whatever you can push 9 plants if you scrog and keep them together pulls some big ones too you definitely gotta give it a try

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