Photontek 200W SQ Pro LED Grow Light

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The Photontek 200W SQ Pro is a powerful and compact full spectrum LED Grow Light ideal for tight grow areas of 2.6’x2.6’. It is suitable for the whole growth cycle of your plants. This low-powered fixture combines the best light spectrum available today with high PPFD levels to ensure healthy plants.

  • Full-Spectrum: Photontek SQ Pro grow light uses a mixture of deep red, far-red and white LEDs to provide high intensity and uniform light. It helps in optimal absorption. 
  • Offers More Control: With PhotonTek digital controller, you can externally control the light. The controller comes with Sunrise and Sunset Mode, auto-dimming, timing, and temperature safety control for about 100 lights per controller.
  • Superior Manufacturing: This indoor grow light is made using high-grade components and materials to ensure superb performance. 
  • Square Design: It comes with a square design that helps in balancing high-end full spectrum light with high-intensity PPFD.

The PhotonTek SQ Pro 200Watt LED light comes with a balanced full-spectrum by far-red, white, and red diodes mixture to ensure optimal absorption of light by the plants. It features a square-shaped bar design to deliver superb performance. The LED bars also consist of a thick clear glue layer. It leads to 99% light transmittance without the loss of light.
It is perfect for the owners of grow tents and grow rooms. The grow light is suitable for the plants’ whole growth cycle, which helps the indoor growers get the speedier and better ROI.
This stunning light generates a photon efficiency of 2.7 µmol per Joule and high levels of PPF output of 816 µmol per second. In addition, it creates a uniform light spread and helps you get an incredible outcome when used in a grow area of 2.6’ x 2.6’.
The SQ Pro 200 Wt light has a heat sink and passive natural convection, which enhances the life of the fixture. It is fully dimmable (1% increments). You can even control the LED light using the PhotonTek digital controller or other controllers that use an output signal of 0 – 10 Volt. If you have a Universal controller that includes an RJ port interface, you can even control the LED light with a signal converter RJ to 0 to 10 Volt adapter.
The grow light has an easy setup. The box comes with a 1 X 120-volt power cable, 1 X instruction manual, 1 X 0 to 10 volt light dimmer and Velcro, 2 X metal cable hangers, 1 X SQ200 watt Pro LED light with the driver.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-PHL-SQ200W-PRO

  • Spectrum: Full 

  • Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J

  • Waterproof: IP65

  • PPF: 508 µmol/s

  • Weight: 8.82 Lbs

  • Input Voltage: 120 to 277V, 50 to 60 Hertz

  • Dimmable: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0 to 10 Volt Light Dimmer (Included)

  • Dimensions: 20.65’’x20.65’’x2.82’’

  • Light Distribution: 120°

  • Input Power (100%): 205 Watt

  • Footprint: 2.6 inch x 2.6 inch

  • Input Current (100%): 1.76A (120V); 0.9A (230V); 0.75A (277V)

  • External Control: With P-Tek Digital Controller

  • Lifetime: 60, 000 hrs

  • Light Source: Higher Spec Red, White, and Far Red Diodes

  • BTU: 703 BTUs per hour

Customer Reviews

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Powerful for 2x2.5 tent

Nice and bright. Set up on gorilla 2x2.5 with 4 inch ventilation. Living soil raised bed. Seeds love it so far super fast growth. Wish it came with the remote mount driver wire tho and ratchet straps to hang. Definitely recommend those items that are not included. Dimmer works well. I think the chill led( 200 watt)would be a better option than this because it comes with the remote mount driver and ratchet straps as well as a higher ppfd vale concentrated on the canopy although this fixture is very evenly distributed as far as ppfd in a 2x2.5

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