Photontek 600W X Pro LED Grow Light

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The Photontek 600-Watt X Pro is a full-spectrum LED grow light safe to use and offers industry-leading performance. It is built with flowering and veg grow stages in mind. This user-friendly fixture also has a simple set-up. It can be externally controlled with Photon-TEK Digital Lighting Controller. 6 full-spectrum magnets LED bars to help produce great results.

  • Digital Controller Compatible: Photontek X Pro fixture can be completely controlled with the Photontek controller and other control systems, which use a 0-to-10-volt output signal.
  • Six 100-Watt LED Bars: This high-performance grow light consists of six 100-Watt LED bars. They are built to increase output, reduce maintenance costs, and keep the temperature low.
  • Optimized Full-Spectrum: This lighting fixture comes with a well-optimized full spectrum. It enhances crop yields upto 30 to 60%.
  • Completely Dimmable: It is fully dimmable, which lets you adjust PPFD levels without losing efficiency.

The Photontek 600-Watt X Pro is manufactured using the highest-grade components and materials to produce incredible harvesting results. It is ideal to use in indoor grow tents, grow rooms, multi-layer grow systems, and other indoor grow applications. 

This fixture offers premium quality light for the whole growth cycle of plants. It makes this grow light a smart choice for healthy harvests. You can use this high-performance LED light during both flowering and vegetative growth stages. In addition, it allows you to adjust PPFD levels without losing efficiency.

This low-powered full-spectrum light comes with high-intensity PPFD. Thanks to the linear and multi-bar design. Photontek X Pro 600-Watt lower HVAC requirements 30% to 40% and boost yield upto 30% to 60% compared to the same HPS lighting systems.

The X Pro LED light consists of top bin LED lights and durable PhotonTek drivers. This fully flexible uses six bars. It helps in reducing maintenance, decreases temperature, and enhances output. The grow light can be controlled externally with a P-Tek lighting controller or other controller systems, using a 0 to 10 Volt output signal. It lets you control LED timing, auto-dimming, sunset, and sunrise for about 100 lights per digital controller. 

Moreover, even if your digital grow light controller consists of an RJ port interface, you can still operate the fixture with a single converter RJ to 0 to 10 Volt adapter. Photontek X Pro grow light 600-Watt has a diver that comes equipped with twist-lock potential. This efficient lighting fixture produces a PPF output of 1620 µmol per Joule and spreads light homogeneously.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-PHL-X600W-PRO

  • Spectrum: Full 

  • Power Consumption: 600-Watt

  • Lifetime: 60 000 Hours

  • Efficacy: 2.7 µmol per Joule

  • Light Distribution: 120°

  • PPF: 1620 µmol per seconds

  • Light Source: Lumileds and Osram Philips Diodes

  • Number of Diodes on Light: 3708 diodes

  • External Control: With PHOTONTEK Digital Controller

  • Input Voltage: 120 to 270 Volt

  • Weight: 29.76 Lbs

  • Coverage Area: 4’ x 4’ – 5’ x 5’

  • Waterproof: IP65

  • Dimensions: 42.95’’ x 46.55’’ x 2.04’’

  • Dimmable: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0 to 10 Volt Light Dimmer (Included)

  • BTU (With Driver Remote): 2115 BTUs per hour

  • BTU (With Driver Attached): 2047 BTUs per hour

  • Warranty: 5 Years

  • Flower Footprint: 4’ x 4’

  • Vegetative Footprint: 5’ x 5’

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years

Customer Reviews

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Mark F.
One of the best

Bought them 3 years ago, they are still going strong and glad I made the investment to get top quality LED lights over my 1000W HPS. Don't need all the bars in to work either, I germinate with 2 bars, veg with 4 bars and flower with the 6.

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