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Grow plant roots speedily in a moist air-rich environment using the Platinum 100 Series Aero Top. It can help you boost the yield by ten times compared to soil and needs minimal space. You can use this reliable aeroponic system to grow any kind of plant like houseplants, bedding, veggies, etc.

  • Minimal Threats of Diseases: Since there is no place for the pathogens or debris to form inside the system, it lowers the risk of diseases.
  • Plants Grow Much Faster: In this system, roots are absorbed to more oxygen so they will absorb more nutrients and grow faster.
  • Quick Maintenance: Platinum 100 Series Aero Top has easy and fast maintenance because there is no growth medium involvement.
  • Saves Money: It helps producers save about 60% on the price of fertilizer and other materials.

The Platinum 100 Series Aero Top is the most convenient way to grow your plants faster. It uses no growing medium at all like soil or Rockwool. The system comes with all the essentials – a grow tray, a reservoir, an aero top, neoprene inserts, an accessible reservoir lid, and a tubing kit. 

It is perfect for the aeroponic growers that use the ‘sea of green’ plant training methods. In this aeroponic system, plants are added into the top holes on the reservoir top and put within the sealed container. It helps you to maximize the complete potential of the limited growing area.

The roots hanging in mid-air get exposed to enough oxygen. It promotes plant growth and allows them to grow much speedier than they would grow on the soil. The sprinkler system and pump create vapor using nutrient-rich solution and sprays in the reservoir. The mist nozzles spray the solution to plant roots at the set intervals. 

It offers adequate humidity and the nutrients the plants require, thereby stimulating plant growth. In addition an in-built timer offers the timed intervals and duration of spray for plants.

Remember, aeroponic chambers frequently get wet with the nutrient spray. It allows the deadly fungi and bacteria to form. Thus, make sure you remove them occasionally and clean them using hydrogen peroxide solution.

With the Platinum 100 Series Aero Top, you will not just get healthy plants but also grow more crops per year. Moreover, your garden will be free of deadly diseases and pests. It's a huge problem in the conventional soil garden.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-651040

  • Number of Sites: 20

  • Dimensions: 38.5''x38.5''x13"

  • Reservoir Capacity: 21.1 gallon

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