PLATINIUM 1 Piece aeroponic top (Aerotop) - 120 series

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Grow your favorite plants in a soil-free environment with PLATINIUM 1 Piece Aerotop 120 series. This system is very easy to use. You will get healthier plants and can grow more crops per year. 360-degree sprayers ensure roots absorb nutrients and oxygen as required. This will lead to fast-growing and bushier plant roots.

  • 360-Degree Sprayers: The system comes with 360-degree sprayers that ensure each plant gets sprayed with a nutrient-rich solution. 
  • Massive Plant Growth: Since the roots get exposed to oxygen 24*7. It promotes the faster growth of plants.
  • Easy-to-Fill Reservoir: PLATINIUM 1 Piece Aerotop 120 series comes with a reservoir with a detachable lid. It ensures a clear view of the leftover solution and quick filling as required.
  • Complete Set-Up: This aeroponic system includes 360-Degree Sprayers, a tubing kit, and a pump for a full set-up.

Help your plants grow faster with the PLATINIUM 1 Piece Aerotop 120 series. It has a simple design. In this system, plants are not grown in any solid grow material such as soil or Rockwool.

Rather, indoor plant roots are hung in the air in the grow chamber. 360-degree sprayers spray a fine and high-pressure mist consisting of nutrient-rich solution constantly at set intervals.

If any nutrients don’t get absorbed by the roots of plants, they can drip down into the reservoir to apply the solution with the next mist session. You do not even require much space to set up the system. This means this modular system allows you to maximize the use of the restricted area.

In contrast to the regular hydroponic system, plants absorb more nutrients because the roots have more exposure to oxygen. So, they grow much faster. Moreover, less water and nutrients are used on average, unlike other systems. There is also less risk of diseases around the root zone because this aeroponic system creates no room for harmful pathogens and debris to develop and thrive.

The timer offers the timed spray intervals for plants. You can use PLATINIUM 1 Piece Aerotop 120 series to grow plants of any kind like houseplants, bedding, veggies, etc.

This aeroponic system comes with all the tools you need in a complete aeroponic system. They include an ebb n flow system, Single top aeroponic systems (Aerotop), Rockwool drip systems, a tank of 15 to 90-liter capacity, Individual pot aeroponic systems (Aerostar), cloners, removable hatch, and pot drip systems.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-651240

  • Brand: Platinum Hydroponics

  • Category: Aeroponic system

  • Number of Sites: 30 

  • Size: 48”x46”

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