PLATINIUM 1 Piece aeroponic top (Aerotop) - 40:90 series

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Cultivate big-sized plants in small spaces using the PLATINIUM 1 Piece aeroponic top (Aerotop) 40:90 series. It is ideal for the 'sea of green' plant training technique. The system will help you to accomplish excellent crop yields while saving nutrients and water. It comes with an easily accessible reservoir with a lid for a quick view of the remaining nutrient solution and much more.

  • Integrated Irrigation System: An irrigation system is in-built within the tray. 360-degree sprayer ensures uniform spraying of oxygenated nutrient solution to the plants.
  • 100% Modular: Aerotop 40:90 series is modular. Thus, it can be converted into any system you desire.
  • Minimal Risk: Using this system means less risk of plant diseases and plant infestation.
  • Designed for Small Spaces: Aerotop 40:90 series is perfect for small spaces. So, you can easily fit Aerotop 40:90 series into your small indoor grow tents, basement, etc.

Get bountiful and healthy harvests with PLATINIUM 1 Piece Aerotop 40:90 series. It is one of the best aeroponic systems on the market. The biggest advantage is that no pots are needed.

The dome-like tray creates a space for the plant roots to build a chamber in the oxygenated region. Thus, it helps you get healthy harvests. It is perfect for beginners and professional growers seeking to use the 'sea of green technique' to optimize plant growth. 

The simple to use system comes with an easily accessible reservoir lid, water pump, reservoir, tubing kit, AeroTop, neoprene inserts, and sprayers. The reservoir is a closed system where the nutrient solution and water is stored. It has a capacity of 15 to 90 gallons and comes with a detachable lid that allows a quick view of the nutrient solution level in the reservoir. The water pump is extremely powerful. Its main function is to pump the water via the pipe to the misting nozzles. 

The timer controls the amount of water to disperse in the reservoir. There are no rules as to what frequency you set the misting intervals. Besides this, the tubing kit comes with all the tubing grower needs to make a secure connection between different system components.

This reliable system is not only environmentally-friendly but also best for small spaces. An irrigation system is integrated into the tray to ensure the ideal spraying of oxygen-filled nutrient solution. PLATINIUM 1 Piece Aerotop 40:90 series is fully modular, allowing you to turn it into Aerostar or other systems.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-659040

  • Brand: Platinum Hydroponics

  • Category: Aeroponic system

  • Number of Sites: 10 

  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 15 x 13 inches

  • Reservoir Size: 15 to 90 gal

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

  • Weight: 25 lbs

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