PLATINIUM 1 Piece aeroponic top (Aerotop) - 40 series

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Make your aeroponic operation simple with the PLATINIUM Aerotop 40 series. It helps growers grow huge plants in tightly packed areas. It comes complete with an aero top, tubing kit, neoprene inserts, a reservoir, a tray, a pump, sprayers and an easily accessible reservoir lid. It is excellent for “sea of green” plant training methods.

  • Made Using ABS Plastic: This high-performance system is made using food-grade ABS plastic, which is UV-resistant.
  • Achieve Best Yields: Platinum Aerotop 4-series allows you to achieve the best yields while saving nutrients and water.
  • Accessible Hatch and Inlet: The system comes with a graduated inlet and easily accessible hatch. The hatch is removable, and the inlet allows you to see the leftover nutrient solution quickly.
  • Include a Tray: It comes with a tray that allows you to achieve the perfect oxygenation.

Grow and clone herbs and vegetables using the Platinum Aerotop 4-series. It is an effective and simple aeroponic system on the market best for indoor gardening. It helps to save nutrients and water both. It is ideal for professional and beginner aeroponic growers. 

It is designed to give you the best outcome. The Aerotop 4-series allows you to manage upto five big plants in small spaces without a grow medium. The roots are in the open air and regularly irrigated with sprayers. This reliable system is also simple to operate.

It consists of a tank (reservoir) of 15 to 90-litre capacity, filled with nutrient solution. It also includes a removable hatch, which allows quick viewing of the remaining level of nutrient solution.

The tray creates a root chamber for the plant roots between the tank and aero top to achieve perfect oxygenation for the incredible plant growth. Platinum Aerotop 4-series is made using 100% food-grade ABS plastic.

Furthermore, an irrigation system is integrated into the system. Thanks to the 360 ° rotating sprayer. It sprays perfect nutrient solution to the indoor plants and allows diffusion of oxygen throughout the plant roots. 

Since this aeroponic system is modular, you can easily convert it into different systems such as HydroPro, AeroStar, or AeroPro. It has a one-year manufacturing warranty. Remember, cloning using aeroponics is better than traditional soil root cuttings. This method is much more sterile, and you do not need to add nutrients to the water. Invest in Platinum Aerotop 4-series today!


  • SKU/Model No: DL-654040

  • Brand: Platinum Hydroponics

  • System Type: Aeroponic System

  • Number of Sites: 5 

  • Reservoir Size: 4.2 gallon

  • Weight: 10 lbs

  • Dimensions: 16 x 14.5 x 13 inches

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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