Platinium 120 Series Big Pots HydroStar 18L

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The Platinium 120 Series Big Pots HydroStar 18L system is an hydroponic growing kit that helps plants grow in a healthy soil-free environment. Unlike other hydroponic systems, you don’t need to worry about algae development for the plants in here. But don't worry, even though this system is safe your plants still get access to nutrients with ease.

In these big pots hydroponic systems, plants can breathe fresh air due to large size pots and the result is larger roots and bigger fruits. Moreover, you can also easily check the water level and water plants only when there is a need.

The Platinium 120 Series Big Pots HydroStar 18L uses an interesting growing methodology of hydroponics that results in amazing yield. This growing kit also helps to save water and nutrients, which makes it eco-friendly as well. Its different sections or chambers allow the plants to get the required oxygen and grow big producing biger fruits. If you want bigger yields, go hydro. And if you want hydro, go HydroStar.

Features and Benefits

  • The Aero Star 120 Series is anti UV
  • PLATINIUM Pots w/ aeroponic tops
  • Anti UV, 100% ABS plates
  • Perfect kit for bigger plants
  • Easy access to the nutrient solution


  • Measurements 47.5”x45.5”x19”
  • Reservoir 29gal
  • Pots dimensions: 13.2”x13.2”x11.8”
  • Pots Sizes: 6.60gal/25L
  • Number of sites: 9

What’s Included

  • Reservoir
  • Tubing kit
  • Pump
  • Lids and tray
  • Pots

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