Platinium 120 Series Big Pots HydroStar 25L

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With bigger pots like the ones that come with the Platinium 120 Series Big Pots HydroStar 25L, one can grow plants with huge roots and expect impressive outcome. This is an advanced modular system to grow plenty of big plants. It offers sufficient amount of spacing between the pots and is the perfect choice for growing more plants in any larger growing space.

The ample spacing and extra capacity of this kit makes it a must buy hydroponic system. This kit can be used on a personal scale or a large one for its high performance. It is a product equipped with all kinds of features, and so it is a perfect option for growing more number of plants.

The hydro star 120 product is better in every way because of its huge size. It is easy to install and includes all equipment you need for installation. With this hydroponic kit, your plants can get access to nutrients and water easily, and with the right maintenance, your plants will see better yields than before.

Features and Benefits

  • An advanced hydroponic system with useful features
  • Pots allows plants to get nutrients easily
  • Sufficient spacing between each and every pot
  • Can check the water level and nutrient level too
  • Big pots mean more space for big plants, and better results


  • Reservior can hold up to 29 gal
  • The pot size is 6.60 gal
  • Available with 18 l and also 25 l

What’s Included

  • Reservoir
  • Tubing kit
  • Pump
  • Lids and tray
  • Pots

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