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PLATINIUM Ebb & Flow system is one of the most effective hydroponic grow methods. It is designed to ensure your plants get appropriate water and nutrients. It is ideal for commercial greenhouse growers and hobbyists. 6 grow trays are filled with Rockwool slabs. Rockwool is moisture-retentive and offers good aeration to the plant roots.

  • Special Drainage System: This feature allows the water to move smoothly and prevent fungus and mold growth.
  • Digital Timer: It comes with a digital timer that controls the water and nutrient pumping cycle.
  • Overflow Protection: This Ebb & Flow 60 series consist of an overflow tube that maintains the standard water level while preventing the nutrient water from spilling out during circulation.
  • Tubing Kit: It also has a tubing kit that ensures the seamless connection of the reservoir to the system. The reservoir transfers water in and out of the system.

PLATINIUM Ebb & Flow system is a classic hydroponic setup. It comes with six grow containers arranged on a drain table. Use them to arrange your plants. 6 grow trays come loaded with Rockwool, allowing plants to get sufficient hydration and proper air circulation in the roots.

The reservoir stores nutrients and water that the plants require. The system is also equipped with a submersible pump that offers sufficient water for the grow trays. All the plants are watered from the base via the drain holes in grow pots.

A digital timer controls the time for the watering process. When you set time on the timer, the pump begins pumping nutrients and water. The nutrient solution flows up to the grow tray and soaks the plant roots till they reach the set water limit. 

However, after a few minutes of soaking, the digital timer turns off. The pump stops working and drains the nutrient liquid into the water reservoir using the special drainage system. This flood-and-drain cycle repeats 2 to 4 times a day.

Furthermore, this Ebb & Flow system has an overflow tube, which sets the height level that the nutrient solution reaches in the container. This feature also ensures that it does not get spilled out of the reservoir during the pumping process. 

PLATINIUM Ebb & Flow 60 series is easy to set up and maintain. You just need to constantly check to ensure the availability of nutrient solutions to the plants. The system comes with a tubing kit, a pump, accessible reservoir lid, reservoir, tubing kit, and trays.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-656070

  • Brand: Platinium Hydroponics

  • Dimensions: 23.5”x23.5”x10.5X

  • Reservoir Capacity: 8 gallons 

  • Number of Sites: 6

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