PLATINIUM No pots w/ Rockwool (Hydrostone) - 60 Series

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PLATINIUM 60 Series is a simple hydroponic grow system ideal for both experienced and beginner growers. It comes with Rockwool (Hydrostone) and can be used in both pots and Rockwool cubes. The system has a tank and a tray as Hydrostar 4-6-12-20-30, Hydrogrower 40, Aerotop 4-6-12-20-30, and Aerostar 4-6-12-20-30.

  • Versatile: This system is versatile. It allows you to grow in pots or Rockwool. Rockwool is something that you can adapt easily as per your grow needs.
  • Uniform Nutrient Supply: AQUAVITA Pump and irrigation system allows even distribution of nutrient solution directly to the drips.
  • Easily Accessible Reservoir Lid: The tank comes with a removable and graduated inlet to allow the user to see the nutrient solution in the tank quickly.
  • Made for Small Spaces: It is perfect to use in tightly packed spaces.

With PLATINIUM No pots 60 Series, you can grow upto six plants. Setting it up takes just two minutes. It has the same irrigation system as Hydrostar 4-6-12-20-30. The easily accessible tank with a detachable inlet and hatch for a quick view of nutrient solution.

AQUAVITA Pump and irrigation system effectively distribute nutrient solution directly to the pots or Rockwool. It is also 100% modular, which means easy changing to four different systems - aero, hydro, etc. The system comes with a tray, tubing kit, drippers, pump, and reservoir.

Note: No pots are included with the package.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-656060

  • Brand: Hydrostone

  • Dimensions: 60x60x26.5cm

  • Tank: 25 to 30 liters

  • Warranty: 1 year

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