Platinium 120 Series AeroStar

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Are you looking for a reliable, long-lasting, and economic aeroponic setup? Then this is your one-stop solution for all your indoor farming needs. You can shift from aeroponic to hydroponic mode easily using the stakes provided in the bag. This efficiently designed AeroStar is ideal for small spaces and has trays to fit 30 pots at once.  

  • Stakes: The stakes are provided in the kit to ease the process of shifting from hydroponic to a growing aeroponic system. 
  • Serve Pots Separately: With this AeroStar growing system, you are free to serve each of the 30 pots separately. The water needs vary in every plant; hence, you can set the watering as per the pant needs.
  • 1 Year Warranty: The products come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Any manufacturer defect will be rectified within the warranty period hassle-free. 
  • Mini Sprayer: The AeroStar is equipped with a mini sprayer for spraying plants with essential nutrients.

The Platinum 120 series AeroStar is an economical product you can use to plant 30 pots at once using this aeroponic growing system. It comes with 30 independent pots of 6 liters, each with ABS plastic aero white plates. The plates also have a UV light barrier to save the pants from harmful radiation. You can adjust the UV light degree for your plants. 

The Aerostar comes with a 110L tank to hold the nutrient-rich solution. It is easily accessible with the presence of a removable door. Also, you can check the level of remaining solutions through graduation without having to open the door repeatedly. The packing also includes a mini sprayer when you have to shift from hydroponic to aeroponic mode. 

The product is designed to balance the proportion of air and water to provide the plants with maximum nutrition. With the sprayer, you also get a drip to disseminate the nutrition-filled solution into the plants and help them grow at their best. The ease in changing to aeroponic from hydroponic also helps in adjusting to changing seasons. 

The clay pebbles can assist in protecting the roots during the hot summer days and can shift back to aeroponic as freshness returns in the weather. The box also includes an XtraPump pump with a capacity of boosting 3000L per hour. 

Additionally, you get all the irrigation equipment needed to help plants grow under a controlled situation. It furthermore comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturer units. The manufacturer shall handle any defects within the warranty period.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-651220

  • Number of Sites: 30

  • Brand: Platinium Hydroponic

  • Measurements: 47.5”x45.5”x16”

  • Reservoir Capacity: 31.7 gallon

  • Pots Sizes: 1.6 gallon

  • Pots dimensions: 7”x7”x9”

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