PLATINIUM Pots w/ aeroponic tops (Aerostar) - 40x90 (80) Series

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Grow huge quantities in small areas without any aggregate medium using PLATINIUM Pots 40x90 Series. In this closed-loop system, the plant roots have hung the air in a grow chamber. 360° sprayers spray a fine high-pressure mist of nutrient-rich water to the roots at certain intervals to help you get higher yields.

  • 100% ABS Aero Plates: The system comes with high-quality ABS aero plates that ensure excellent UV resistance and prevent algae growth.
  • Water-Efficient: This closed-loop system is water efficient. It uses less water than if  the plants were grown in soil.
  • Fully Enclosed System: Since PLATINIUM Pots40x90 Series is completely enclosed, there is no nutrient runoff to the surrounding waterways.
  • Grow Anything: You can use it to grow almost anything, such as strawberries, cucumbers, leafy greens, tomatoes, etc.

Create a high yield while consuming minimal space with the PLATINIUM Pots 40x90 Series. This system uses no grow medium at all, and harvesting using this system is also straightforward.

This aeroponic system has 360° sprayers that nourish plants with nutrient-rich mist. The misting process sterilizes the system. This reduces the risk of plant diseases. 

The roots are placed in the soil-less medium over which water pumps pump the nutrient-laden water. It makes the system more advanced than other systems such as DWC, hydroponic wicking, etc. 

PLATINIUM Pots 40x90 Series consist of ten independent pots and aero plates made using 100% ABS. These plates have excellent UV resistance, which prevents algae growth.

You could grow anything with the system – tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, etc. The maintenance requirements are also minimal. This aeroponic system also comes with a tank having a 15 L to 110 L storage capacity. 

The reservoir tank also has a removable lid that enables a quick view of the leftover nutrient solution. PLATINIUM Pots 40x90 Series comes with an irrigation pump, xtrapump, and tubing kit (360° sprayers and drippers).


  • SKU/Model No: DL-659020

  • Number of Sites: 10

  • Brand: Aerostar

  • Weight: 7.19 kg

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